Review - Young Adult - Left in the darkness, Stephani Hecht

While mostly physically healed from a gay bashing that almost left him dead, Taylor is still an emotional mess. Not only does he have to deal with the fact that his own brother was one of the attackers, but Taylor has been disowned by his father as well. The only bright spot in Taylor's life is his small group of friends, but even they have their own issues.

Christian is now angry all the time. James is having to deal with his own homophobic father. Devlin is wondering if he'll ever be able to measure up to other's expectations. Worst of all, Andy seems to be walking down a path that will only lead to his destruction. Can the Haven Coffee House Boys overcome all their obstacles? Or will the darkness overcome them?
Quick Review:
I love this series... but if I don't see book 3 soon I may have to come and hunt Stephani Hecht down... ROFL...

This entry into the Haven House series picks up after the awful gay bashing at the end of book 1. We see each individual storyline progress a little further. James, I want to hug James, and smack him... and as for Andy... OMG... Andy!

*waits patiently for book 3

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