Love Lane Christmas Anthology Submissions

Love Lane Books...

...Is not a publisher who takes submissions in general. However, every so often we may call for a themed collection of free short stories. This is to showcase new talent alongside existing talent.

The current call, with a closing date of 30 September is *Christmas*.

Celebrate Christmas with RJ Scott

As you all know, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I would love this year, to run a promotion aimed at new authors, but to also include existing authors.

Love Lane Books, my self publishing company, is inviting authors to write a free short story for a compilation.  I'm planning to pull them all together for download from 1 December from, AllRomance etc. It would be available to download for free, Love Lane won't be charging anything for it.


The theme is Christmas. This could be the day itself, the emotions surrounding it, the season of winter, a wedding, family, a new meeting, a reunion, paranormal, contemporary, historical, in fact anything.


Short stories - from 3,000 up to 12,000 words
M/M, M/M/M you get the idea (no F's - sorry!)
Must have a theme of romance, HEA, or at least a HFN
Theme - Christmas
Heat levels - any
No bestiality, nechrophilia, etc etc

Each MS should be in a word document and emailed to Include the following within the document on the first page:-

Your author name and a small bio if you like
A blurb for your story. Try and keep it to a few sentences.
Your email
Author Contact Details for readers
A list of other books available from you and the publisher name.
A statement that your work is an original piece of writing.

The closing date for all submissions in 30 September 2013

The cover will be supplied by Love Lane Books and the stories will be compiled into one volume. You can also post the stories on your own websites after 1 December. There is no payment for these stories, and as the price of the compilation is zero there will be no accrued royalties. The copyright remains with the author at all times. The author is responsible for editing, although all stories will be read to pick up anything really glaring.

To existing authors

You know the score about editing etc so I won't go there (!)... But, the reason I want to do this was that I think this is a good way for existing authors to support new authors, and each other.

To new authors

You should get your story beta read, and edited if you can, with proofreading. You are selling yourself and this is a chance to get your story out there.


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    1. Lori, I will email you separately. :)

  2. Ahh~! I just saw this!! But I'd like to be in it so much!!

    1. hi hun... you still have time... when could you get a MS to me? HUGS X