The shops are shut..

.. even the garden centers are shut....

Because, it's Easter Sunday, and in the UK that and Christmas day are the only days that nowhere opens. It's like deadly silence falls in my town... Traditionally I think this was because it is a religious holiday for anyone that celebrates.

We're driving to mum's homes for Sunday Dinner and the exchange of the £7.99 Lindt Easter eggs (cash for Matt because he isn't a huge fan of chocolate!).

Is the Easter Sunday all-shops-are-shut and sunday-dinner-with-family-is-organised something you do?


  1. Happy Easter. Here in the United States nothing really closes. But, it is a time for family gathering, or at least my immediate family. My other sisters live too far away to come, and my parents are in ill health to travel. So, it's just me, one sister, and my parents. And of course the five cats.

  2. The baby is saying "4 day weekend". This is definitely not something I get ( in US ). This is a regular 2 day weekend for me. Some people get Good Friday off but I don't know anyone who gets a 4 day holiday. I'm not really getting together with family this's just a normal clean house and do the laundry sort of day.

  3. In Melbourne the shops only shut on Good Friday, they are all open on Easter Sunday. However for the regular workers they all have Easter Monday off. So they get a 4 day weekend, just not the retail employees, which I think is wrong. Mum is in a nursing home this year, trying to get better from an illness that had her hospitalized for a long time. So we haven't been down to see her due to the fact that I'm sick with Bronchitis, so will hopefully get down there once I'm better so the kids can see her while they are on school holidays.