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“You okay there Hayls?” Luke hip-checked her, and she had to catch her balance on the fence. Luke might well be her dad's nephew and part of her extended cousin's group, but he was one of the most annoying cousins a girl could have. To give him his due, he was cool, just about to start his third year at Yale and looked an awful lot like her dad, Riley, but he was also frustratingly idiotic. He knew exactly what he was doing when he looked at her with a wide grin and a wrinkled nose.

“Fine,” she answered and tried to ignore him. Seemed that he wasn’t going away.

He whistled, “wow, is that Logan’s girlfriend? She’s hot.”

Hayley feigned indifference. “Who?”

Luke pointed a finger in the direction where she knew Logan was, and she rushed to grab his arm and pull it down.

“Don’t do that,” she snapped.

“Why Hayls, you don’t want him knowing you’re looking?” He delivered this in an annoying sing-song voice, and she thumped him in the arm hard, pleased when he winced and stepped away. “The fuck?” he muttered.

“Go away Luke; you’re an idiot.”

Luke was one of those boys who just loved to push her buttons, and with another grin he swept her up into his arms and held her tight, carrying her kicking and scratching over to where Logan and his blond were talking to Eli and Riley.

Everyone looked at her when Luke dropped her unceremoniously on her rump.

“You’re an asshole Luke!” she shouted and scrambled to stand, brushing the dust off her butt and then her hands. Her dad looked at them both with raised eyebrows and the start of a smirk, but when she looked at him, he winked and walked away with Eli.

“Hey Hayley,” Logan said, stepping close and placing a hand on her arm. She jerked away from him and his touch and his sexy eyes and the damn dimples, and the idiot blonde at his side.

Hurt flashed on his expression, just briefly.

“Logan,” she said and brushed more dirt, mostly imaginary, from her jeans.

“You been working out?” she looked up at Logan in surprise. Had he noticed that she’d toned up this summer, that she’d lost the last of her puppy fat and that her face had slimmed a little?

But no, he wasn’t talking to her, he was talking to Luke who flexed his muscles and then exchanged bro-hugs with Logan. She’d leave them to it, they wanted bro-time, and she was happy to give it.

“Hi, I’m Cassie,” the blond said and extended her hand. “Logan’s friend.”

Hayley remembered her manners and instinctively shook her hand, “Hayley, Logan’s cousin, and that moron there is Luke, another cousin.”

Cassie smiled, and she had a stunning smile that reached her clear green eyes, more reasons to hate her.

“You sure have a lot of gorgeous cousins,” she murmured. “And Logan has told me so much about you.”

“He has?” She was surprised by that. If this girl meant that much to Logan that he talked family, then why didn’t she know anything about Cassie at all?

By now, her dad was long gone, Logan and Luke were talking football, and it was just her and Cassie, and this was a picture that was all wrong. Added to which Cassie was now looking her up and down.

“Can I ask you a huge favor?” Cassie finally said. "This is going to sound really weird."

Hayley bristled, she wasn’t happy about being looked at that way, nor was she ready to grant any favors to a woman with her hooks in Logan.

“Logan damn near pulled me straight from the club,” she looked down at her short sapphire blue dress and the heels, “I managed to fix my face, but do you have any shorts I can borrow? Maybe some running shoes or something, I mean, we’re kind of the same size.”

Hayley wasn’t sure if she was being pranked here, but what was she going to do about it?

“Come with me,” she said and went into the house, Cassie on her heels. She wasn’t sure she wanted Cassie in her room, seeing her things, including the wall of family photos, of which there were many of Logan, or her and Logan, or horses and Logan. Still, she didn’t have much of a choice and led her into the room. Flinging open her closet door, she pulled out coral colored shorts, and considered her collection of T-shirts, finally deciding on a pale cream one with lace on the shoulders. She passed both out, turning back to find shoes, and pulling out a pair of light colored running shoes.

“Here,” she said, and handed over the footwear, watching, but not watching, as Cassie slipped off the dress and pulled on the new clothes. Her underwear was all kinds of lovely and lacy, and Hayley knew at that moment she needed more of this sort of thing if she was going to snag Logan. She had pretty underthings, but nothing sexy and sheer like Cassie had going on.

“God,” Cassie exclaimed, pulling her long hair in a knot on her top of her head and holding it there. “I so needed this; I don’t suppose you have a hair tie, I’ll so owe you one.”

Hayley handed her one mutely and realized she could well be standing in the presence of a future cousin-in-law, and the thought made her sick. Logan falling for someone else was not part of Hayley’s ten-year plan. Nope, Logan looking up and discovering her nineteen-year-old self as stunning and perfect for him was the culmination of the ten-year plan.

They went back outside, the conversation between them stilted. That wasn’t Cassie’s fault, that was all on Hayley because she couldn’t quite get a hold on her warring emotions. They separated outside but not before Cassie hugged her hard and promised to return the favor one day and that Hayley was just as sweet as Logan had said she was.

Sweet? What the hell?

* * * * *

Jack watched Hayley carefully. He’d seen the varying emotions in his daughter after Logan arrived with his girlfriend and felt for her dismay, and then anger.

“Uh oh, is Hayley still crushing on Logan?” Josh asked from his side.

“That’s never gonna go away,” Jack said. “She’s crushed on him since she first arrived here. Always said she'd marry him one day.”

“Maybe she’ll find someone else at college,” Josh said and turned the last of the steaks.

“She’s so far gone on Logan that I’m not sure anyone will ever come up to that.”

Josh frowned at Jack, “I guess when you know who the one is…”

“Yeah,” Jack murmured, and glanced over at Riley who was giving a piggy back to Connor and who had a line of children waiting their turn. The big idiot was hot and dusty and grinning like a fool.

Just the way Jack liked him.

When the piggyback ride passed near the barbecue Jack called out to Riley who came trotting over, a laughing Connor gripping at Riley’s hair.

“Wassup?” Riley asked, and reached up to loosen Connor’s hold.

“I love you,” Jack said and leaned forward for a kiss.

Riley didn’t even question Jack’s need for contact, and they kissed gently, Connor squealing as Riley bent over. When they parted Jack searched Riley’s eyes, and there it was, the spark of passion.

Arousal zipped through Jack’s body. “You. Me. Barn. As soon as everyone goes home.”

Riley’s eyes narrowed, and his tongue darted out to wet his lips. They may as well have been the only two people at this event.

“Uh huh,” Riley said, “I can go with that plan. You want to me to tell everyone to leave right now?”

Jack shook his head, “We have to be polite and entertain everyone for a little bit longer,” he deadpanned

Riley gave one of his patented wide smiles. “We’ll have to raincheck until later then.”

They kissed one more time; Jack ignoring his brother’s teasing about gay cooties on the steaks, and the squealing Connor wanting more ride.

“Jack?” Riley asked.

“Hmmm?” Jack hummed into the half-kiss.

“I love you, too.”


  1. OMG...I know you've been down with your back trying to kill you - but how soon can we get more?

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  2. I need it all. Lol. I can't wait to finish this up. 😘😘😘hope your feeling better

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    Logan I hope, is starting to see Haley differently. *fingers crossed*

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