Travelling in the US of A!

When we travel on holiday in the UK we plan our journeys meticulously to include a break. Sometimes the journey can take up to three or four hours, and we HAVE to stop somewhere for a cuppa. If a journey is going to be any longer we might even consider staying overnight somewhere halfway through. 

A couple of my US friends laughed at me, one said that driving 5 hours wouldn’t even get her out of her state (Texas). So when this cool thing popped up on my timeline measuring the UK against other things I was fascinated. The UK is tiny compared to US as a whole, and Texas is god knows how much bigger.

The small blue covering is Pennsylvania - I can handle that state, it’s small like us!

Do you live in the US, is your state super huge, or petite like we are? Are you in the UK, do you plan your journeys to account for a tea break?


  1. Then there is this one

  2. I live in Michigan, USA which is almost te same size of the UK.

  3. I'm a Texan and, yeah, I got a little laugh out of your post. We've been known to drive 9+ hours down to the Valley... now that's a long boring drive. :-)

  4. I am from Oregon so according to Map Fight we are: Oregon (US) (255,026 km²) is 1.05 times as big as United Kingdom (242,900 km²).

    But to amuse you is article from 2009:

  5. I live in Australia and not in the largest state. In a direct (as straight as possible) drive of over 28hrs, no breaks, you can still be in Queensland having crossed no state borders. Now I am interested in how long you could travel in Western Australia... Qld is seven times the size of Great Britain, and two and a half times the size of Texas. Great Britain has 14 times the population of Qld.