In The Shadow Of The Wolf (With Diane Adams)

In the Shadow of the Wolf Series

Written with Diane Adams
Book 1 - Shattered Secrets
Book 2 - Broken Memories
Book 3 - Splintered Lies

Shattered Secrets

Jamie is human, and he's also a wolf. Werewolves aren't just some supernatural fairy tale. They are a living, breathing part of society. Once they hid their true natures, but now they are out and proud, an accepted part of society, but even with all the new laws, it's not easy. Adding a new species to the eclectic mix of American society opens up a whole different world.

Rob Tarrant is a cop and has just passed his thirtieth birthday. He’s been promoted to a special police task force specializing in wolf / human cases. He sees it all—the seedy underbelly of city life, the fights, the murders, and the parts of human / wolf interaction that people would rather ignore. He has no problem with wolves in general, but human/wolf relationships are not on his to-do list. When he meets a young man named Jamie at a club, he embarks on the hottest one-night stand of his life. He finds out that young man is a wolf shifter, and his world is turned upside down.

When a case involving kidnappings of young werewolves lands on Rob's desk, the ugly specter of the werewolf sex trade is brought front and center. With Jamie seemingly at the heart of it all, can Rob keep his young lover alive?

Broken Memories

Sam Harrison remembers nothing of his former life. All he knows is that he has nightmares that won't leave him alone and an irrational fear of shifting from human to wolf.
Doug McKenna has little respect for any wolf that isn’t strong. That Sam was near broken is something he can't at first reconcile. Still, Sam needs looking after and Doug thinks he is the one that should be doing the looking.

Splintered Lies

Joe Christie is consumed with grief and when new information about his wife and baby comes to light his first instinct is to kill.

Nick Alexander is first and foremost Joe's best friend. When Joe met Mara, Nick stood to one side and respected Joe's decision to settle down, despite being in love with the man who was his lover.

Now, in the middle of a case that is murder and betrayal, he has to fight his love for Joe and the people that are trying to kill them both.

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