Diane Adams is in da house...

Hi to Diane Adams!

Congratulations of your new release!

RJ: Tell me briefly what A Broken Light is about?

DA: It’s about fighting monsters. Not just the very real physical monsters that exist in the world Jace and Elias inhabit, but the monsters inside themselves as well. Prejudice, fear, pain and sorrow all the things that narrow their choices and make them something less than the heroes their outward actions make them seem.

RJ: A Broken Light is something that I know has consumed you for a very long time. Was it harder to write than your ongoing Making Of A Man series?

DA: Thanks RJ! A Broken Light is the most difficult thing I’ve written. It’s much different than the straight forward “slice of life” type romance I’ve written up until now. A Broken Light took nearly a year to finish.

RJ: Can you sum up the two main characters in three words each?

DA: Elias: Idealistic, self-sacrificing, lonely
Jace: Jaded, focused, lonely

RJ: The cover art is gorgeous - can you explain the significance of the tattoos or is that a closely guarded secret?

DA: Thank you Reese Dante did a fantastic job with the cover. If you saw my original “example of placement” art to her then you would really see what a genius she is.

The significance of the tattoo is not exactly a secret but it is revealed in the book during a very poignant moment between the two Main Characters and so I’ll not spoil that.

RJ: Can you post a buy link for me:

DA: I believe the only place it’s available at the moment is Silver Publishing.


If you have a Kindle or Nook you do not have to wait. Silver Publishing has a button to deliver the book to your device, just make sure you have added @spsilverpublishing.com to your approved document email list.

RJ: Imagine you didn’t know me (I know, a sad and somewhat tragic thought) describe yourself to me in five simple words.

DA: Romantic. Procrastinator. Late. Happy. Optimistic.

RJ: What is next for Diane Adams?

DA: You know what’s next...or are we still pretending??

  • Wolfie 3 of course, officially known as Splintered Lies, In the Shadow of the Wolf Book 3 due to be released in April.
  • Book 5 in my Making of a Man Series, hopefully Alex and Jared don’t need introduction at this point. There are some twists to their story which I think may come as a surprise.
  • Hillbilly Hollywood, the romantic comedy I’m going to write with some weird woman I know lol. I can’t wait for this one!
  • Beyond the Night Book 2, Make Me Believe.
  • Some kind of Halfway house thing.
  • MM6 and MM7
  • Beyond the Night 3

and a host of things impatiently waiting their turn in my to be written folder. I have ideas for about the next five years I think.

RJ: Where can I find you on the Internet if I want to know more?

DA: www.dianeadams.virtualdelusions.com is my blog, it’s wide open so feel free to stop by and check things out. My email is diane.adams@virtualdelusions.com

RJ: Can we have a sneak excerpt from A Broken Light?

You can...how about we steal a look at Elias and Jace...slight context they have finished a rather grueling encounter with some monsters and Jace is just about wiped out from exhaustion.


Jace nodded, but didn't move. Elias pulled the gloves off Jace's big hands; the sight of which nearly derailed his concentration. Strong, callused hands, big enough to palm a basketball, and a particular weakness for Elias. He took a deep breath. Down boy. Jace wouldn't be touching anything with those hands but a bed. Elias tossed the parka towards the door. Covered with blood and gore, he didn't know if anything could save it, but he'd try. Kneeling in front of Jace, Elias helped Jace remove boots so big he suspected they might be boats in disguise.

Everything about the guy was huge. Elias' position brought him eye level with Jace's crotch, leading to thoughts of proportion. Sweat beaded Elias' upper lip and lust roared through him. It took every ounce of his control not to slide his hands up the inside of Jace's thighs straight to his zipper.

Jace touched Elias' shoulder. "Take off your coat."

Jace's voice sounded heavy with fatigue, but Elias didn't argue, slipping his trench coat off without a word, laying it aside. He knelt in front of Jace without moving, trembling with need.


The first two chapters of A Broken Light are posted as a free read at my blog.

Thank you for the interview RJ, it was fun and not nearly as torturous as I imagined...


  1. Oh it looks so nice and professional! Thank you again RJ :)

  2. You are so very welcome...
    RJ X

  3. Hi Diane!  So glad that you stopped by. I am looking forward to reading Jace & Elias's story in A Broken Light!