What's coming in 2012: Amylea Lyn

Coming Soon 

So far this is what I’ve got….

Love’s Crash Landing is scheduled to be released February 4th with Silver Publishing.

Gavin Howard lives a simple life on his farm; staying to himself and keeping under the radar due to his past military career. That is all changed late one night when a spaceship crash lands in his corn field. So what is a simple farmer to do when he finds an injured alien lying in his back yard? Take it inside and care for it until it can “phone home” of course.

But Prince Mi’Kel Ta’Rulen is not what Gavin expected. Beautiful, gentle, and on a mission to save his dying planet, Mi’Kel needs Gavin’s help for more than just his injuries. Can Gavin help Mi’Kel find the solution to save his people all while keeping the little alien safe from the Earth governments hunting him?

And when Gavin finds himself falling in love with a being from outer space, can he find it in his heart to let the little alien go when Mi’Kel’s ship is finally fixed? Or will Mi’Kel’s secrets drive them apart when the alien needs his farmer the most?

The Beast’s Promise, book 2 of my Outside the City series, is scheduled for release on March 24th with Silver Publishing.

Owen Sanders has a lot on his mind. Ever since being kidnapped from the City, he’s been trying to get back in order to rescue the twin baby brothers he had been forced to leave behind. The only thing stopping him is leaving behind his newly found mate, Maltok, and the feelings he has for the other man.

Katrian Co-Alpha Chief, Maltok doesn’t know why his human mate refuses to bond with him. When he finds out about Owen’s forgotten family, Maltok is hurt that the smaller man would keep something so
important from him. Maltok agrees to help retrieve the children on one condition; Owen must agree to mate him when they return to the Village. Owen reluctantly agrees.

The two men begin their journey and on the way learn that some misunderstandings must be resolved before they could have hope for their future. And when the City retaliates against their actions, the two men must make a decision that could save them all…

And possibly destroy the City forever.

There should be more *crosses fingers* at least I hope there will be… I’ll keep you all posted should anything else pop up!

Recently finished and under consideration:

Solid as Stone, book 1 of my new series called The Brotherhood.

In my head…

In order of most important… at least according to the characters living in my head…

Book 3 of my Outside the City series, tentatively titled Redemption of the Beast. (This is Sashan and his mate’s story. And no I wont tell you, it’s a surprise! *winks*)

Book 2 of The Brotherhood. (No name yet, but the basic outline is ready to be plotted. *sigh* I just need to quit procrastinating and do it.)

Whispered Secrets, Hidden Eyes. This is my weekly blog story.  So, while I’m working on edits and writing the other two stories, I’ll be busy working on this too. A new part is posted every Monday.

And lastly on the list there are of course…

Un-named series, book #1

  • Untitled story #1
  • Untitled story #2
  • Untitled story #3

And so on … and so on… eventually I’ll work on all the other outlines and random ideas bogging down my computer. LOL.

Eventually… *whimpers and hides from the unfinished projects*

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  1. I love amylea! I can't wait until loves crash landing comes out, the blog left me hanging!

  2. Oh, this sounds really good!! I'll be looking for it. :)