Young Adult Reviews from QMO Books

Love Is In The Title (Love Is In The..., #1)

I loved the way Luke and Cameron are portrayed as sweet, innocent, and guileless. I really wanted their relationship to succeed. I'd recommend this story to anyone who wants to read a sweet, but informative story about the challenges of being gay in high school. Thanks, RJ! You've touched my heart once again.

Love Is In The Hallways (Love Is In The..., #2)

This is a series that must be read sequentially; the books are so closely linked that any one alone would not make sense. If you've read the first story and liked it, you will love this one even more. I loved this story and recommend it to everyone for its honest portrayal of the issues involved with gay relationships in high school. Thanks, RJ, for continuing this wonderful series.

Love Is In The Message (Love Is In The..., #3)

Even though it has the most angst of the three volumes, this is my favorite book of the series. I would be proud to have these two brave, sensitive, caring young men as my sons. This isn't a standalone book. The series must be read sequentially in order to make sense, but it’s well worth it. I'd recommend it to everyone, especially to young adults and their families. RJ's message of being brave enough to be true to yourself is an important and timely one which applies not only to teens, but to us all. Thanks, RJ, for sharing Luke and Cameron's inspiring story with us. By the way, will we get to see how they fare in college and beyond?

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