Ellery Mountain - New Contract News

Have some fantastic news... I have been offered a contract from Total-E-Bound for my new five book series set on and around Ellery Mountain.

The first book, The Fireman And The Cop, is with them now.

To keep up to date on the news about Ellery Mountain you can either ..

Check out this website - http://ellerymountain.weebly.com/

or join the Facebook group for Ellery Mountain

As soon as I have news on editing, art and release dates I will let you all know...



  1. sigh. i would love any new work of yours but e-bound publishing takes months to get to amazon. whats with the new publisher? your old publisher must be stupid for passing up on your new series. nuff said. jake, CA

    1. They didn't pass it up. I never offered it to them. I can't have all my eggs in one basket so to speak, so i looked around to see which publisher would be a good fit for me. TEB was the best one really. I love Silver, and they continue to have a book from me a month if they like them...

      And you can get the books to your kindle direct from TEB as you can from Silver.


  2. Congratulations! I am looking forward to these ones for sure! Michelle