In The Shadow Of The Wolf - the trilogy is complete...

A trilogy of books from Diane Adams and RJ Scott

Shattered Secrets
Jamie is human and wolf. Werewolves aren't a supernatural fairytale but a living breathing part of society. Although even with new laws it's not easy. Race relations and gay rights have shown struggles for acceptance. Add another species and it's a totally different world.

Rob serves in a special police task force on wolf / human cases. He sees it all: fights, murders, and parts of human / wolf interaction people would rather ignore. Rob meets Jamie at a club, unaware the man is a shifter. But interspecies relationships are not on Rob's to-do list.

When a case involving werewolf kidnappings lands on Rob's desk, Jamie seems at the center. Can Rob relinquish his prejudices and keep Jamie alive?

Broken Memories
Sam Harrison remembers nothing of his former life. All he knows is that he has nightmares that won't leave him alone and an irrational fear of shifting from human to wolf.

Doug McKenna has little respect for any wolf that isn't strong. That Sam was nearly broken is something he can't reconcile. Still, Sam needs looking after, and Doug decides to prove to Sam he has nothing to fear with an Alpha by his side.

Splintered Lies
Joe Christie is consumed with grief and when new information about his wife and baby comes to light his first instinct is to kill.

Nick Alexander is first and foremost Joe's best friend. When Joe met Mara, Nick stood to one side and respected Joe's decision to settle down, despite being in love with the man who was his lover. Now, in the middle of a case that is murder and betrayal, he has to fight his love for Joe and the people who are trying to kill them both.


  1. I'm sorry to see it end because I adore this series. Am looking forward to the last release!

    1. awww that is a lovely thing to say


  2. LOved the first 2 books, can't wait to read the third.
    Awesome job!


    1. Thank you ... I really hope you enjoy it... XXXXXXXX