Author Links and Blogs

Hello to all my fellow authors!!

As part of my 2013 'creating a community' drive I have two things I am offering on my website...

A link to your website on my my website. 

Click here, then scroll down until you see the *Click here to enter* link. Click that and simply enter your web address and name. As soon as I get notification I will add you to the site...

If you don't have a website or a blog then please feel free to link to your Facebook or Goodreads page etc... I will check all links to make sure they are correctly formed.

There is no pre-requisite that you have to add me back but it's always nice!

Random eye candy...
If you have any problems entering the information then simply email me with your author name and address and I will add for you.

Blog on RJ Scott's Website on Fridays

I am opening up my blog for Friday postings. I asked my wonderful Facebook friends and fellow authors and I have a list of questions that I will be adding to and you can choose three from to answer. Each blog will then have one piece of cover art, a buy link, blurb, and even an excerpt...

Simply email me with a preferred date and my wonderful assistant will contact you with details...

Dates available are on the Author Blogs page here

Thanks guys...



  1. As a reader and fan of your work wanted to let you know I really like the looks of your updated blog. Looks great.

    1. Hi Katy... Thank you so much for letting me know... I am really pleased with it and the awesome logo BitterGrace did for me ... Hugs Rj xxxx