The con is on...

One day the E-publishing industry will hold up one particular publisher (an old publisher of mine) as running one of the biggest cons known to the MM world. Just saying. 

I have today decided I will have something positive coming from it all. I have this idea that I can ride the after dinner circuit talking about how so much money disappeared and the steps the owner took to get away with it. Including pictures of suitcases, and RVs, stuffed with cash.

If you want to book tickets, I give it until June before we have a full implosion. Once it happens then I can start selling tickets to the after dinner talks I am going to give.

Alcohol is extra.
Alcohol is recommended.
Black tie optional.



  1. I can think of one good thing. I found your books and am a fan. I feel bad that I have books that you didn't profit from as you should but believe I'll be buying more from the new sources.
    The worse part of the whole thing for a reader is that I love some of the series still being sold there. I don't want to miss them but I hate that some author is getting cheated and as the consumer you are unaware. You pay for your books, don't shop or give pirate, and yet it still ends up bad.

    1. I know Katy... when you put it like that it sounds even worse... sighs... :(

  2. *hugs* :( This makes me so sad.

  3. I will give up my account with SP right now!!!!! I´ve bought a bunch of books from other authors there, but I will not support a publisher that cheets people for their hard earned money!
    I will get your books from your site and try Amazon for the other authors...Amazon is ok to buy from right?
    I am so so sorry for all your problems, if anyone works hard for their money it is you...
    ♥Love you

    1. Amazon money goes to the publisher who then dishes it out to their authors... given Silver have only just paid me April 2012 Amazon I think you can see what I would say to you... Hugs you hard P XXXXXX loves ya x

    2. I will buy ALL my books from your site!!!!!
      ♥Love you ♥♥