More Shenanigans - The Silver Publishing Report - day 62 out of 90

Amber and I realised something yesterday and whilst it makes me laugh at the sheer stupidity of it all, it also kind of burns inside.

As you know we have both been paid some small amount of the the outstanding amount of Quarter 4.

For the first time the money was *apportioned* to specific books in the covering email. Namely Texas Heat, Texas Winter, One Night and Gallows Tree. Books that Silver have tied up to the end of this year and into next. None of the money was put against any of my Sanctuary sales for which he doesn't have the contracts now (surprise surprise!).

Silver seem to think that saying the money they've sent me is for specific books gets them out of the 90 day notice for return of rights on those books. Yet again, Silver have changed the rules. Not least of which was the one where he changed royalty reports going back two years to *add in charges he had missed* which wiped thousands off of my royalties overnight.

This is so laughable now, it is the very definition of farce...


Incidentally, this does not fulfill Q4 for these books until Silver...

  • Prove to me which exact monies Silver actually received in Quarter 4
  • Prove that Amazon are behind on paying you which Silver claim to be the case
  • Prove every single charge and discount you claim should go on my royalty report. I need to see raw data and bank accounts to prove this. These are not forthcoming, and calls for an auditor visit are being ignored.



  1. You are a better person than me. I don't think venting alone would keep me sane or out of jail. Just sayin', I would have hurt someone by now. Well, okay, maybe not actually hurt them, but certainly I would have made credible threats that got me in major trouble. I'm rooting for you! jillw

    1. Thank you J, you made me smile... It's definitely hard work staying sane... HUGS XXXXX

  2. I am now banning myself from buying Silver Publishing books as you and amber are my favorite authors. I shall wait for your total- e bound books. If you have a re release I will buy them as well. I feel lousy that the bulk of books i bought of yours are from Silver.