The Texas Series

Book 4 in the Texas series, 'Texas Family' is coming 15th November....
The Heart Of Texas
Texas 1
Texas Winter
Texas 2
Texas Heat
Texas 3
This is a story of murder, deceit, the struggle for power, lust and love, the sprawling life of a rancher and the whirlwind existence of a playboy. But under and through it all, as Riley learns over the months, this is a tale about family and everything that that word means. Riley's dead brother left more than just bitter memories for Riley to deal with. The FBI get involved and suddenly it is more than his good name that is on the line. Jack is always there for him but how much more can Riley’s husband reasonably be able to understand? Against the backdrop of twenty half naked models on DD land, and in the midst of fighting the oil establishment that just won't give Riley a chance, Texas Heat is the story of one hot summer in Texas with a Gay Rodeo, a bar fight at the Rusty Nail, humor, angst and a love between two men that just grows stronger every day.
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  1. seriously cannot wait to read it!!
    x dani

  2. Awesomesauce :)

    Will there be rewrites of the 3 first when you re-release them, or just new covers?

    1. Just new covers... :) and they are re-released already... email me with a list of books you need replacing and I will send them over...

      RJ X

    2. Oooh, thanks, I can see the ones I bought from ARe has been swapped already, but I'l send you a list of the books I bought directly from Silver

  3. Hey R.J. - Just saw that Texas Heat is now out in paperback. I had purchased the first 2 and had them signed by you. Any chance of the same for the 3rd book? BTW - I really like the cover choices for the new releases of the 3 Texas books, plus looking forward to the 4th book Texas Family! If it would be at all easier, I will be in England singing in my church choir at St. Albans Cathedral around the 2nd of August..

    Thanks for your great books!!!

    1. Hi Kevin... so sorry I missed this comment... :(

      I can certainly offer a signed book 3 if you would like it... I can certainly send it to your address at home... the cost would be the book + postage... is that okay?


    2. Hey RJ - That would be great!! I think that is what we did for the 1st 2 books in this series.. I just found the last email and will reply to that to work this out.. Thanks for getting back to me..