Gay Rom Lit

Awesome A4 poster by Meredith
*Not another last minute thing from RJ* Russell
A week today I am flying to Atlanta for my first ever Gay Rom Lit or GRL as it's known.

I am bricking it. Which is UK for being just ever so slightly bloody worried... My worries start with the suitcases and the weight of them, then the bleedin' long flight that is sooooooooo boring... I think I am okay with using MARTA, Mr RJ will be with me to help me...

Of course then I get to the hotel

  1. What if someone says *Oh my god, hello RJ, how are you, etc etc* and they have obviously met me and I don't recognise them? (I have a crap memory).
  2. What if someone says, *I love Riley/Joseph/Liam or insert any other name, and I can't remember their book because my brain dies on the flight over*
  3. What if no one wants to meet RJ Scott. I will die if my table isn't visited... I will go out and hire people to stand next to me.
  4. What if I fall over/stumble/do something stupid? This is likely.
  5. What if I fall asleep at ten pm (because it is some ungodly hour like 3am in England) and start snoring on the sofa
  6. What if I can't handle dealing with everything that has happened to me in the last year and do or say something stupid. Also likely.
  7. What if... hell... I could spend all day writing this list... ROFL
I don't normally worry about these things. I mean, I will say I'm worried about the flight, but when it comes to it, I'll eat and watch films and try not to recall a single episode of *Flight Crash Disaster Death Mayhem Awfulness* (Or whatever it is called) that hubby watches where planes have fallen from the sky because of a missing two inch widget that you could buy from a local store.


On a good note, all my swag is organised. I'm running a competition at the signing table to win Amazon vouchers, and other goodies. I'm selling books, giving away postcards, pens, and all kinds of bits and pieces.

AND the amazingly wonderful Meredith Russell has made me an A4 poster that will sit on my table so you know who I am...

I am excited and terrified at the same time... Kind of like that moment when you are pulled up to the top of a roller coaster and you hang there for a second. That kind of excited/terrified...

If you want to follow my general shenanigans then my twitter is rjscott_author and my facebook is I will attempt to remember to hashtag with #GRL or whatever they want us to use... #GRLAtlanta... or something... 



  1. Really wish I could go to Atlanta. Good luck R.J. More importantly, have fun! Kendra

    1. Thank you Kendra... I intend on having LOADS of fun... sorry you can't go... maybe next year... :)

  2. You'll do great! Wish I could go!

    1. Hi Petra... sorry you can't go hun... maybe next year with Kendra up there... *points* :)

  3. I have a ticket but can not attend, so sorry I will not meet you. I adore your writing, and you. :)

  4. As we Icelanders say: It'll work itself out. Just go with the flow ^.^ I'm was very nervous before last year's GRL, so I totally get it, but it was so much easier than I thought it would be. All that worrying for nothing ;)

  5. Sounds like fun and I would love to be there. I'm going to Texas at the end of the month to see my middle son graduate from Air Force basic and I have my own set of worries. I woke up from a dream the other night that I drove into a concrete column. So I get travel and stress.

    And if someone comes and acts like they know you maybe they just know you through your books and you really haven't met them at all.

    And if you forget where your characters "live" just say I'm so glad you love them as much as I do.

    Have a great trip.

  6. I very much want to meet RJ Scott.