The Texas Series, reviews from Guilty Indulgence Book Club

Guilty Indulgence Book Club read and reviewed all four books in the Texas series...

Thank you guys, the reviews are awesome...


The Heart Of Texas

Through all the drama and intrigue is a wonderful love story. Jack and Riley couldn't not have started out further apart but when they come together it is all kinds of hotness. A strong secondary cast that added so much depth and heart the story would not have worked as well without them.

Strong, stubborn, sexy, carnal sex and that is a recipe for success!

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Texas Winter

Riley finds out he's a dad, which leads to some wonderful AWWW moments with the boys, and really solidifies them as a family.

Throw in the FBI and dicey oil deals and lets not forget that Jack's mom has started to date a much younger man!!! I really don't know how these men find time to visit their barn and get their sexy on, but thankfully they do.

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Texas Heat

With fist fights, ex-boyfriends and a gay rodeo it's just another day in Texas. But the thing that always comes through in this series is the sense of family and how they are always stronger together. I love the relationship between Jack and Riley and the way that it seems to grow and mature but is still hot as hell.

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Texas Family

But one thing that is never in chaos is the love between Riley and Jack. They are stronger than ever and have become one of my favorite couples of all time.

This series is high on drama and angst and all I want to know is when is the next one!

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