Thor 2: The Dark World, Film Review

A solid entry into the Marvel universe... Loved Thor and Loki... 5/5

Meredith Russell reminded me that I didn't tell her what I thought of Thor 2 and so I added it to the list of things I wanted to do today.

I wasn't a great fan of Thor I. I mean I loved it, don't get me wrong, I loved Thor, and Loki, and Asgard, and the ice giants... I just didn't *get* the romance. Some said in a Marvel film you don't necessarily need a romance, and I understand that, but in Thor I it was like *the whole poignant part of having to leave her* meant nothing to me.

Having also not been over impressed with Iron Man 3 (and that review I couldn't even bring myself to write!) I was interested to see how Thor would work out.

I am so pleased I didn't give up on Thor (and I mean, who could, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston ... sighs).

The film, Thor, Loki, their mother, the wonderful part played by Idris Elba as the guardian... it was a really well crafted story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And... I enjoyed the romance this time. The humour was spot on and I ended up feeling this was a very solid film. One achingly beautiful scene in the prison with Loki had my emotions all upside down. Gah... that Thor could see him... sighs...

Then there was *that part of the film* I can't give anything away with spoilers but I am itching to write what I thought of *that part of the film*. I wont write anything about *that part of the film* and please, no spoilers in the comments if you leave one. But, DAMN MY WRITER'S MIND for knowing EXACTLY what was going on...


So, all in all, a solid 5/5 but you really need to have seen Thor I to appreciate Thor 2 properly. Also Thor 2 alludes in places to The Battle Of New York (TM, ROFL) which was in Avengers... so you may want to watch that as well...

Hell, watch them all. If you are a Marvel fan this Thor film does not disappoint. (Just don't get too excited by Iron Man 3)


p.s I LOVED the end theme...


  1. Great review RJ. Not perfect, but definitely better than a lot of other stand-alone Marvel superhero flicks can be, especially one coming right after the Avengers.

    1. Don't get me started on Iron Man 3... rofl... HUGS XXXX