The Salisbury Key - Harper Fox - 4.5/5

Can love repair a shattered life in time to save the world?

Daniel Logan is on a lonely quest to find out what drove his lover, a wealthy, respected archaeologist, to take his own life. The answer the elusive key for which Jason was desperately searching lies somewhere on a dangerous and deadly section of Salisbury Plain.

The only way to gain access, though, is to allow an army explosives expert to help him navigate the bomb-riddled military zone. A man he met once more than three years ago, who is even more serious and enigmatic than before.

Lieutenant Rayne has better things to do than risk his life protecting a scientist on an apparent suicide mission. Like get back to Iraq and prove he will never again miss another roadside bomb. Yet as he helps Dan uncover the truth, an attraction neither man is in the mood for springs up against their will. And stirs up the nervous attention of powerfully placed people military and academic alike.

First in conflict, then in passion, Rayne and Dan are drawn together in a relationship as rocky and complicated as the ancient land they search. Where every step leads them closer to a terrible legacy written in death Warning: Contains bombs, archaeology and explicit M/M sex, not necessarily in that order.


This is a fantastic story, and so closely and cleverly written, reminiscent of the way Chris Quinton writes. Harper evokes memories in me of summer holidays spent near Stonehenge when I was little, and the signs all around for unexploded ordnance. It was scary then and it's just as scary now. I hated the way Jason committed suicide, and as the story unfolded I still stand by that summary, ROFL. He should have been brave and stayed, not left it to... I wont say any more, no spoilers... Some little twists, and the last third of the book seemed kind of sudden as it happened. But, I recommend this for being a bloody good read.

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  1. Harper Fox is my favorite author. Somehow even when I start out not liking the characters much at the beginning, as I get to know them, I just love them all and I grieve when a story ends and I have to say goodbye to them. I just...this author really does it for me! I wish I'd bought "Last Line" when it was available, but I wasn't ready to read the subject matter at the time and now it seems to be in limbo. Anyway, I loved this story even though some parts of it were SO hard to read. Have you read her Tyack and Frayne mysteries? They are wonderful, really spooky and sweet at the same time. :D