Exams, Pride & Autism

It's an odd time in the Scott household. B passed her A Levels and is taking up her place to study at Cardiff University in September. It's something she's been working very hard towards, and we are so proud of her. Exams and decisions about further education have always formed an important part of who she is, whether she wanted it or not. B was one of those kids who were assessed for everything from virtually day one of starting school back at age 4ish.

That is the expectation.

Matt on the other hand has assessments and as long as they show he is improving, or highlights where we can help him, that is all we use them for. Matt is a bright kid, especially at Maths, and his spelling ability is awesome. He reads like a normal child, he just doesn't very often understand what he reads.

I don't want him to sit exams. I don't want the incredible pressure on him when he doesn't need to be *exam'd*. Seems to me the UK culture is exam, exam, exam and I can't see why an autistic boy needs to learn chemistry to exam level when he'd much rather be cooking, or playing. He has different needs to B. He needs a functional life, learning about money, and safety, and danger. What H20 means is probably not on the to do list for Matt's life.

Every autistic child is different. Every neurotypical child is different.

THEN, something happened today. A letter landed on the doormat, an official looking letter addressed to Matt.

Apparently he sat exams (he didn't tell me, the school didn't exactly tell me). They are entry level tests in Maths and English. He passed both and he was so pleased with himself.

Both he and B passed exams. I didn't say one word about how he shouldn't have to sit exams.

I was just proud. And Matt? All he wanted to know was how much money we would give him as a well done.

Significantly less than it will cost to send B to University... ROFL...


  1. Such proud moments. Congrats to both B and Matt!!!

  2. As I read your story I started to cry (sorry I'm emo) & by the end you had me laughing. Congrats to the Scott family, esp B & Matt as this is their accomplishment. No matter what they will have a bright future cause of the unconditional love they have from their parents.

  3. Neat story glad it went well for him.

  4. What an unexpected and happy surprise. Wonderful achievement by both Matt and B.

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us. Congrats to them both for such high achievements =)