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Coming soon, Last Marine Standing is with my long suffering EIC Erika Orrick and will be available everywhere 8 October 2014. This is my *yay it's GRL book* and came in at 54,000 words of hero goodness.

Heat will also be with you in October, written with Chris Quinton, this book is set in England and was a lot of fun to write. Heat, written with Chris Quinton


Yes, Texas 6 is my WIP, in fact today I will be putting my first words down. I'm aiming for 50-60k and this will be with you end November. Autumn and Texas Fall. I am currently imagining all the things that could happen in this book... I have such a long list. :)

Then I have... a snow story for MLR and my Christmas Story, The Angel In The Bookstore. Lots to write.

In the planning stages

  • Sapphire Cay #6, the final book in the series will be with you Spring 2015, written with Meredith Russell.
  • Deacon's Law (Heroes #3)
  • Max and the Prince (Bodyguards Inc 3)
  • Ross and the Boss (Bodyguards Inc 4)

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Gay Rom Lit

Last minute bits and pieces for GRL. Harrods *little* purses arrived today, they are so cute. I also have Harrods keyrings and teddies... and of course the awesome RJ Scott pens (which I LOVE!). I just need to go shopping for clothes now... :) GRL events list here.

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  1. Wow you are a busy little beaver! All of these are on my buy list. Thx for update.