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Christmas Feelings

What is it about Christmas that makes it my favorite time of year? There are so many things that make it my favorite. And they all combine to make the season special. There is that change in the weather, turning nippy and frosty. Bring out the coats, hats, and mittens, the bundling up to stay warm. I love cozying up to a blazing fire in the fireplace. The frenzy of decorating the inside and outside of the house with lights, tinsel and bows making everything cheery and bright.

There are the smells of the pine tree and apple cider or hot chocolate, the baking gingerbread for the frosted house. Then you take the time to cook the perfect meal to share with family and friends. Breaking out the traditional family recipes that have been handed down through generations, because it wouldn’t be a holiday meal without them. You go out there shopping for the perfect gift, seeing the joy on a person’s face when you’ve gotten it right. All of this makes the season for me. All of this is the magic that is Christmas.

The Christmas season also allows us to relive our childhoods and all of its memories, the excitement of the first snow of the season, and sledding down a hill. There’s waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve. And how early is too early to wake up to see if you got what you asked for or how many things you got from your list? There’s gathering of family, old and young. Of putting up with Auntie’s pinching of your cheeks, her saying ‘you’re getting so big.' And the annual viewings of A Charlie Brown Christmas, along with all of the Rankin and Bass animated shows, Frosty, and Rudolph. The sights, the sounds and the smells, bring back all of the memories shared with loved ones.

Then when all of the hustle and bustle is over, and the excitement winds down, there is the peace and contentment of having spent time with family and friends. Sometimes it’s a feeling of having just survived it all. Then you can the look forward to the next exciting New Year.

For me, the season evokes the magic of childhood. You have hope, some fears, laughter, and love. Those same elements I find in the stories that come out at the holiday season. Christmas stories have all the elements I love in a book. You watch the characters with all of their ups and downs, their foibles that are the same as the people you know in real life. You read the stories wishing for them to have a special someone to share the magic of Christmas. Along with hope, magic and the characters journey to their happy ever after are all there. I find myself reading Christmas stories year round to recapture the warm feelings whenever I need a pick me up or to renew my faith in the world.

Because isn’t the greatest gift of all true love?

My book recommendations:

Amy Lane's Turkeys in Snow, Bren Christopher's Patchouli For Christmas (Grandma always gets the best gifts) and of course my very favorite RJ Scott's The Christmas Throwaway.

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