The Dream Alchemist - Joanna Chambers, new release

Welcome to Joanna Chambers and congratulations on her new release.

I am a huge fan of Joanna's and you can see my reviews of her Enlightenment series here:

I'm so excited to read this book...

Over to Joanna...

I'm nervous about this release in a way I haven't felt for a while. My last six releases have all been historical romances, and I've got pretty used to that genre, but this new book, well, this is, um, how can I put it? A sort of paranormaly-fantasyish MM romance?

Every release is nerve-wracking to put out there but putting out something you're not even sure as the author how to categorise is particularly gulp-inducing.

So I'm trying to concentrate on the stuff I do know: that I love these characters (Bryn and Laszlo) and that the book is inspired by classic fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty and The Snow Queen) and that this might be the start of another trilogy, but this time round, I've got different MCs in every book, so I'm not holding back any happy endings!

The Book

When the sun goes down, their passion awakens…and so do their nightmares.

Centuries ago, a man with Bryn Llewelyn’s dreamwalking ability would have been a shaman or a priest. In this time, he’s merely exhausted, strung out on too much caffeine and too little sleep.

Sleep means descent into Somnus—an alternate reality constructed of the combined dreaming consciousness of ordinary humans. A place he’d rather avoid. Trouble is, his powers don’t include the ability to go without sleep indefinitely. At some point his eyes close…and his nightmare begins.

As a teen, the treatment that cured Laszlo Grimm’s sleep disorder stole his dreams—and his ability to feel emotion. Petrified of needing more “treatment”, he clings to familiar rituals and habits. But lately his nightly terror has returned, and when he meets Bryn in the real world, the man seems hauntingly familiar. Not only that, Bryn awakens feelings in Laszlo for the first time in years…

Slowly Bryn and Laszlo realize they are both unknowing pawns in a plan of unspeakable evil. And that their powerful attraction could release the destinies locked within them—or be the instrument of their doom.

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