I'm biased... Just Jack by Meredith Russell

The print book of Just Jack is coming soon!

I have know Meredith for years, ever since Supernatural days when we both wrote and she did banners for everyone's fan fiction...

I love Meredith's writing, it was her writing that got me writing, her and Chris Quinton have a lot to answer for

... but I can't come over here and review her books in my usual review spots because I guess I am biased.

Not only is Meredith a friend, but she writes for Love Lane, and of course Love Lane is mine.... so... yeah... biased. Completely take what I say with a pinch of salt... BUT...

I bloody love Just Jack... and since first reviews are in from review sites, I won't share MY review of it (loved it, fascinated by the idea, jealous she thought of it first) but will share what other people have said in the hope that you pick up the story and love it as much as I did...

Rainbow Gold (Link) gave it 10/10 and said: "... What a beautiful story of how to melt the coldest of hearts. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. I do like a good love story, this was just perfect for me. This story brings together real life and fairy tale in one book. ... This book took me back to my childhood, made me feel young again. It made me want to believe in fairy tales and magic… "

Bike Book Reviews (Link) gave it 5/5 and said: "... May I start off by saying, this cover is STUNNING, love it, now about the book, yeah it's stunning too! What a creative and wonderfully executed concept for a love story ... "

MM Good Book Reviews (Link) gave it 4/5 and said: "... the way that Meredith Russell has managed to recreate the Jack Frost folklore by giving him a human element of betrayed love which gives it a refreshing twist as love thaws the frost. We’ve all been there at some point, our heart breaks, we’ve been hurt and we just want the devastating pain and hurt to go away saying never again will we give our heart away but what if when we did that our heart froze and we embraced the cold becoming something of folklore… Jack Frost. So this is the story of a man who forsakes love completely, who embraces the cold until finally he meets someone who chips away at the loneliness and has Jack feeling warmth for the first time in fifty years. ..."

Multitasking Mommas (Link) gave it 5/5 and said: "... This was such a sweet sweet story and I found myself really wanting more. The thawing of Jack's frost is, for me, the only way to go. The manner of which it thawed, now that was the sweet romance I so needed to read today. ... Love this. ..."

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Cramming his hands in his jacket pockets, Jack looked at the ground, and with the toe of his boot, he drew a circle in the snow. Adding eyes and a smile, Jack admired his masterpiece for a moment. It wasn’t quite right. He crouched and held his hand over the simple drawing. Slowly, he pulled back his hand. The soft flakes quivered. He teased the snow, rearranging the picture, then straightened up. The image’s smile was gone, replaced with a frown.
“Hello, Jack,” he said to the drawn face.

With a heavy sigh, he dragged his foot across the image, wiping the sidewalk clear. If only it was that easy to wipe away the morose feeling from inside him.

He rubbed a hand over his face and took a deep breath. There was a smile on his lips as he looked ahead at the elderly gentleman making his way toward him.

“Too cruel?” he asked himself.

Maybe. Jack smiled. Or maybe not. He wiggled his fingers and felt the cold air surge between them. This was who he was—the bringer of mishaps, ice, and mischief, and of the frost on the window panes.

He was Jack Frost.


  1. Love the cover and can't wait to read this.

  2. OMG YES! I read this and I LOVED it too! <3 <3 SO much love for it for sure! <3 <3