Writing MF romance - oh my

Or whatever the PC name is for writing a non MM romance.

Het romance? I don't know. I'm sure I will figure it out, but my identity, or rather RJ Scott's identity, is as a writer of Male/Male romance. I love writing my MM romance, but Amber and I got talking, and that is always dangerous. She had a pseudonym for her MF writing, and has already got books out there under that name.

So i figured, that is probably what I should do. I don't want one of my MM readers who autobuys me to pick up an MF book by me thinking it was an MM book. 

Of course the cover art will be an obvious sign, a man and a woman as opposed to two men. The blurb will talk about the two characters that will make it obvious it is an MF story... but... I considered whether I should have a new pseudonym. I even came up with one, Rozenn Scott, and I like it a lot...

Only. No. I like RJ Scott... I mean, I really like RJ Scott...

So I thought I would post this as my first post on the MF journey and update on here as to how it's going.

Rest assured, my foray into MF writing is very much alongside my MM work and none of my MM schedules writing will get pushed aside. This is why it's awesome to be writing with Amber Kell so that I get a rest every other chapter as the story builds.

The series is called Nancarrow Cove, and book one is untitled at the moment, and is scheduled to be started 2016.

Watch this space for news.

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