RJ asked me to post some of the photos from GRL.

This is RJ just before the Hawaiian themed Dine With An Author.

Pancakes and bacon... what do you mean I should be posting pictures of RJ...

RJ in a bearhug with B.G. Thomas

To quote RJ - "The wonderful Sean Crisden came to visit today. I use him for my audio books and he rocks in those and even more in person. I'm afraid I went all giggly schoolgirl on him. Lol. Coming next from him... New York Christmas... *Hugs you hard, Sean*"

Wine tasting with Amber Kell, Devon Rhodes, and TA Chase

Photo by Elisa Rolle

With Stephanie Hecht and Amber Kell - ok, Amber, what are you wearing on your head?

RJ's amazing hubby doing a reading

Dani Elle Maas from Love Bytes and RJ.


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