New Year, New Read

I thought I would go through my list of reviews from this year and pull out some of those authors who really stood out to me.

This list is by no means all of the authors I read, I just thought I would start something that I hope others carry on... sharing the love for authors they read. So this is the first few authors... more to follow later, and I may make this a regular thing. :)

I wanted to give people the opportunity to read these wonderful authors, so each day I will post an article about them and all you need to do it comment on the article. I will pull out a winner and gift them some of the author's books...

1 January - Avery Cockburn 
2 January - Jordan L Hawk
3 January - Marie Sexton
4 January - Eli Easton
5 January - Charlie Cochet
6 January - NR Walker

Links will go live on the days specified, come back every day for the articles. Keeping up with my posts is simple, just enter your email in the *follow by email* box to the top right of the website.

What authors would you like to recommend to your fellow readers? Comment and link people to books you love, writers you love... let's make this a positive and happy year!

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  1. oh so many choices! To Name a few..The Temptation Series by Ella Frank, Nyrae Dawn/Riley Hart (she wrote 3 under Nyrae Dawn that are M/M and they are all fantastic), Kindle Alexander, Lane Hayes and of course Abigail Roux; Cut & Run series (Ty & Zane how I miss you!) I'm going to stop there or I won't stop ever.