Marie Sexton - news for 2016

Welcome to Marie Sexton, visiting to tell us about her news in 2016...

I have a novel coming out with Riptide in March called Trailer Trash. It's about two high school seniors in small-town Wyoming in the mid-80s. I should have a preorder link for that very soon, but not quite yet.

I also have a novella called Damned If You Do coming out in June from Samhain. It's sort of a romantic comedy about a devil trying to win the soul of devout young musician. I have a project lined up with a co-author that will be published by Dreamspinner Press later in the summer, but I can't share too many details about that yet! Watch this space...

As for events, I'll be at RT in Las Vegas in April, and if all goes as planned, I'll be at the M/M Romance Meeting in Verona, Italy in May, and at EuroPride in Berlin in June.

That's about as far ahead as I'm able to plan. :-)

Marie Sexton


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  1. Sonds good :)
    I'm intrigued by the title of "Trailer Trash" and i definitely look forward to the full blurb of the book. I like the cover of Damned If You Do (especially the eyes of the model).