The Heart of Texas AUDIO news

So. This happened. Sean Crisden is my amazing go-to audio guy... and because The Heart Of Texas is such a sprawling book I wanted to hear how he would voice Jack and Riley.

So he did this...

AND OMG... this is Jack and Riley perfectly, I just sat there and grinned so damned hard... and I am SO excited to hear the whole book... I hope you all are too...

Should be with you late Summer / early Autumn... date to be confirmed. :)

Let me know what you think!

* * * * *

For the full series details click here


  1. OMG it is perfect!!!! I am totally chomping at the bit for this, even more excited now :D

  2. RJ, Right on!!! Can't wait. Already own all your audio books and want even more. I love your Texas series. In fact all of your series. You go lady.....

  3. I can't wait. First, it's a wonderful book, but second, It's Sean Crisden. YEAH!

  4. How have I only just found this??? Wow! just wow. That is one sexy, compelling sample.

  5. I just realized this was on audio. Love Sean AND the series!!! Perfection!! Is there a plan for Sean to continue the series? I want them all now 😁