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One Year On, or "how a random Google search changed my life." 

Almost exactly a year ago, I was mildly curious one evening and googled "writers conference LGBTQ UK". I wasn't a writer then, not really. I'd never read a MM book. I'd never been to a writer's conference or writing group or even a book club.

Luckily, the first thing to come up in the search was UK Meet.

And when I say lucky, I mean, oh-so-very-lucky.

I wasn't sure it would be my kind of thing. Then I saw there was a discussion group on moving from fanfic to original writing and I knew it was for me.

I didn't think I would get a ticket. Then there was a last minute dropout and I snuck right in.

It was scary and overwhelming...and then it really wasn't. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and encouraging. I learnt so much, and I had a really good time!

And then it was over.

And then...

Well, suffice it to say, I've had a short story included in an anthology, I've met some amazing authors and readers, I've got a Goodreads author page, for goodness sake. I spend a lot of time on Facebook talking to other writers, I've written a lot of words, and this month, I self-published my second book.

I'm still learning a lot everyday. I still find myself in the company of friendly, helpful, encouraging people.

And I'm still having a really good time.

Right now, I'm looking forward to the next UK Meet, and wondering what on earth could be in store for the coming year, because this last one—was a doozy.

Blurb: Three years after Jacob Carpenter landed on Caleb Fletcher's doorstep, the Alpha mates return to the city they grew up in to be married. Aside from the sheer exhaustion of traveling across the country with three children in tow, both men step foot back in New York filled with apprehension about what kind of reception they will receive from their families after abandoning their respective packs. At first it seems they are welcomed home with open arms and much excitement about their wedding but it soon becomes clear that not everyone is so happy to see the prodigal sons return. Indeed, Caleb finds himself wondering if Jacob will go through with the ceremony at all, or whether it would be better to pack up his mate and their children, and head back to Nebraska before the situation does irreparable damage to them both.

Sometimes you have to leave a place to realize it's exactly where you ought to be. ..... The Alphas' Homestead Series - Book Two

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