Reading, planning, and bright yellow shirts...

Okay, mini vacation time... RJs Hubby, me and Matt plus meeting Briony and her bf Tom all off to Center Parcs.

Sis is house sitting and keeping an eye on Jack... (we couldn't get a dog friendly villa this time poor Jack...)

My iPad is full of books, I have no laptop, but I do have my trusty notebook in which I will scribble all my ideas. I can't not think about stories and writing all the time. #WeirdObsessedWriter

This weekend is planning for The Heart (MF, Dragons Hockey #2), Changing Lines (MM, Harrisburg Railers #1 with Vicki Locey) and Gabriel (MM, Legacy #2). I'm also silk painting and pottery painting with B, sitting doing not very much, some swimming, walking, and generally chilling out.

I have wine, so no one needs to worry about me.

And chocolate.


Center Parcs is this awesome forest and cabins type place where Matt has complete independence.

He has his own key, decides what he wants to do, the only rule is that we meet up for dinner, and for bowling LOL. I can't do bowling anymore, my shoulders won't take the stress, but I love to heckle, like the year when everyone lost to my 75 year old mum. #BestForgotten #TheShame

Am also wearing my #Penguins jersey, which hubs side-eyed me on. I decided, even though it's a little snug on my tummy, and a little long in the arms, that I am not happy just to have it hanging in the wardrobe... so... it's on, and it's staying on, huge penguin and bright yellow FTW. #YellowIsNotMyColour #SubtleNotSubtle #BurghProud

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