Birthday Treasure Hunt - Answers!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the Birthday Treasure Hunt. Now you have your answers you can complete the form below for your chance to win! 

Winners will be announced Wednesday September 6. Good Luck!!

Download this for a handy fill in form to work out the words you need -

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  1. Can't solve it for some reason but try my best guessing. I have all the clues available but the answers I have don't seem right even though I think they are. Also Clue 8 on the author's site says "RJ’s favorite season to write about." but in the google form says "RJ's favourite holiday to write about. " They are not the same thing. The the treasure hunt posts for Clues #6,9,and 10 aren't yet available. I've already made my guess and submitted my answers. Thank you for the fun hunt =)