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A Family Found – Hamilton River Series Book 1 (January 21 – Silver Publishing)

A promising baseball star, Dimitri Michelakakis, left it all behind when his troubled sister called, begging him to raise her baby boy. Now a chef and a single father, he runs the successful catering arm of local bistro, Terra Verde. Dimitri never suspected that one of his catering jobs would lead him to a new love.

Since receiving a note about his son’s birth, millionaire Mason Harrison has done everything he can to find the baby and the man who raised him as his own. Could finding his son mean finding the family Mason has always longed for? Pre-order.

Ghost on a Wing – On a Wing Series Book 1 (February 25th – Silver Publishing)

Finding the nerve to meet his crush is difficult for accomplish high school senior, Anderson Saint John. Often, he stands outside Morgan Brookes’ store during his training runs to watch the older man. Shy and teased off the cross-country track, Anderson keeps to himself, his treasured artist mother, and his beloved animals. Hope always lingers in his heart for him to speak and kiss Morgan. Until the week of Halloween, when his dog initiates contact outside Morgan’s store.

Intrigue by the teenager running by his store and peering inside, Morgan wants to know his young ‘stalker.’ Hearing a bark, he greets both, tugging Anderson into a conversation. This leads to more dates and an invitation, almost a push, to get Anderson to go to his high school Halloween dance with him. Creating outfits for them from his collections, they never expect a WWII ace pilot to make his presence known.

Prayer on a Wing – On a Wing Series Book 2 (June 2nd – Silver Publishing)

An unexpected death disrupts the newfound love of Anderson and Morgan. While Anderson tumbles deep into despair and mourning, Morgan refuses to leave his side. Can their fledgling relationship survive or unravel?

After the haunting Halloween, Anderson Saint John and Morgan Brookes continue to progress with their unusual relationship. Anderson's mother, Regina, a strong supporter, fights a quiet battle against a mysterious illness. Until Anderson returns home after school and finds her unconscious on the floor. Thrown into an unknown world, full of grief, loss, and darkness, Anderson clings to Morgan and his mother's lifelong friends.

Could life and love return to 'normal' for this teenager and his newfound relationship? Or would this tender relationship unravel under the weight of reality?

In my head / active WIP…

Love on a Wing – On a Wing Series Book 3 (For Silver Publishing)

Fighting through depression and darkness after the loss of his beloved mother, Anderson graduates from high school and finds himself at an unknown crossroads in his life. Morgan isn’t next to him, because he pushed him away with his anger and depression. Instead, he gets unexpected visitors in the forms of two angels – well one angel and one angel-in-training. The ghost from his Halloween possession and his lover return at the last wish of his late mother’s bequest to straighten out his love life. His best friend gets his life screwed up with the beating from hell. Who else can Anderson can turn too, but his one love. Morgan. Only question is. Will Morgan answer?

Untitled Professor Story – For Silver Publishing’s A Mind is a Sexy Thing Anthology

A brilliant scientist, Micah Tarrellton, is painfully shy and prone to panic attacks but determine to teach and deal with his doctoral students. He squeezes the hell out of the squishy stress balls in one pocket and may cover his walls with Post-it notes to handle his complexes. In college since his tenth birthday, he never mingled, dated, or knew what it meant to be around others his age.

During an evening store robbery, he froze while a muscled giant knocked out the robbers and saved the loot. When nothing but time brings him out of an attack, this man’s touch woke him. Could he be the one to wake him and teach a professor who knows everything the one thing about he’s innocent?

Hamilton River Series Book 2 (For Silver Publishing)

Dimitri and Mason’s story continues

Untitled – Fire Moon Jaguars Book 2 & 3 (For Siren BookStrand)

Alexander’s story – the new High Alpha of the Fire Moon Clan finds more messes his father left behind along with his own Goddess blessing of two lovers – a powerful vampire and a shy jaguar.

Collin’s story – a guardian to the new High Alpha, he never expected to find his old lover sitting on a back patio under the moonlight. Or they would have another Goddess blessed third lover.

Wolf’s Bandit – Lightning Shifters (For Siren BookStrand)

Can a fox and an Alpha wolf be mates? Especially if the fox is a special Lightning Shifter with magical powers and hunted by some nasty shifters? Here’s one way to find out.

Okay… I think that’s all the characters talking to me. For now.

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