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The Gallows Tree 4/5 - Some of RJ Scott’s scenes in The Gallows Tree are touching while others are heart-breaking in their pain and pathos. Ms. Scott’s descriptions of the environs of Mill Cottage are very real. You can almost hear the sounds of crunching fresh powder snow as Cody and Seb trudge across the fields. Likewise, the intimate moments shared by Cody and Seb are sweet in the care they take of each other’s feelings.

The Heart of Texas 5/5 - The Heart of Texas is a delightful novel with many fascinating layers. The love story between Jack and Riley is heartwarming and realistic. Their sex scenes are beautifully written, extremely erotic, and filled with emotion. RJ Scott is an immensely talented and gifted storyteller, and I highly recommend this engaging romance.

One Night 4/5 - One Night is not a typical romance. RJ Scott takes her readers on Liam’s life-altering journey as he becomes comfortable with his sexuality. It is a powerful lesson in living life on one’s own terms no matter what the family’s expectations might be. And yes in the end, this novel is a love story as Micah and Liam explore the possibilities of the future their One Night has opened for them.

Jesse’s Christmas 3/5 - The only shortcoming in Jesse’s Christmas is the brevity of the story. For a small town boy, Gabriel is a little too quick to get involved with Jesse. Still, the writing is good; the flow of the story fine in Jesse’s Christmas by RJ Scott

Deefur Dog 4.5/5- Deefur Dog by RJ Scott is an emotion filled romance that will make you laugh and cry. It is a feel-good read that will have you cheering as they fall in love and sighing when they finally make love. And it will leave you a little wistful when you have to say goodbye to this delightful family. Definitely a book for the keeper shelf.

The Soldier’s Tale (The Fitzwarren Inheritance #2) 4/5 - The Soldier’s Tale by RJ Scott is an outstanding addition to The Fitzwarren Inheritance trilogy. It is a fascinating and interesting series, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how the curse is finally broken in the third installment, The Lord’s Tale.

Shattered Secrets (Shadow of the Wolf #1) by RJ Scott and Diane Adams 3.5/5 - I loved the banter and camaraderie between Rob and his partners, and Jamie and his best friend, Doug. Rob eventually earned my respect as he warmed up to Jamie and protected him, and the chemistry was definitely off the charts. Shattered Secrets had its moments and those I enjoyed quite well.

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