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I have know Lynn a good long time now and she has a new book out at Forbidden Fiction. Although I don't write BDSM myself I thought some of my readers may be interested in getting to know Lynn a bit more...


Genre: Contemporary, Romance, BDSM, M/M, 145,000 words

Darrek thinks he is just a straight, hard-working but lonely guy. When he decides to try a session at a private BDSM club, Darrek is unprepared for a life-changing encounter with beautiful, powerful and very male Dominant, Gabriel. Once they cross the line, nothing is off limits and nothing is enough as they crave ever more: more trust, more pleasure, more pain, and more devotion. As Darrek and Gabriel negotiate their relationships with each other and their coworkers, carefully-buried secrets and abusive pasts come to light.

Why I Write BDSM by Lynn Kelling

Growing up, I was a painfully shy Catholic schoolgirl. I figure that makes me either the first or the last person you’d expect to be a prolific writer of gay BDSM romantic fiction. My novel, Deliver Us, is about two troubled souls and covers a plethora of kinks and techniques, including some you may not have heard of. Why do I write BDSM, when there are so many other genres to choose from? Beyond the simple joy in challenging taboos, there are four specific things that inspire me.

The allure of a strong, confident, powerful man can be intoxicating. With permission they take care of their partner, delivering sensations that span a broad range between pain and pleasure. They punish. They reward. However you want to spin it, whether you’re talking about a top or a Master or a Dominant, it’s a fascinating challenge to explore what that means. What sort of person seeks out that role? What’s their motivation, their history, their goal? When the person in charge in the bedroom is charismatic, beautiful, looking to push boundaries and explore diverse sexual adventures, it can be a writer’s (and a reader’s) dream come true.

But let’s not forget the other side of the coin – the appeal of a vulnerable, willing man. In my experience, men are not always going around wearing their hearts on their sleeve and falling over themselves to appear, or be, helpless. A bottom, slave, or submissive does just that. Control is given over to a trusted partner and the tantalizingly obedient man falls to his knees, gets restrained, gets bombarded with sensation, and loves every single second of it. There's a freedom to be found in that which many never get to experience.

Like the perfect balance between Master and slave, my last two reasons for pursuing this genre also go hand-in-hand - decadence on both physical and emotional levels. First, the sex gets turned up a notch. The toys come out and the rules come out with them. On the page, the fantasies can become as extreme as you want them to be. You can test the rules and break them. You can try things with your characters that might not be possible or practical in real life. We are only limited by the bounds of our imagination.

As powerfully sexy as a Master can be, as deliciously sweet as a slave’s reactions are, and as fun as the amped up sex is, when you get right down to it the main reason why I write BDSM is the emotional reward. When two people have such absolute trust in one another, and can take things to that whole other level, it speaks of an incredible bond. It’s intense, it’s meaningful, and it tests the idea of what it means to let someone in. Will they be worthy of that trust? What will they do with it once they have it? What got them there, with a whip in their hand or, conversely, with handcuffs binding their wrists? Something tells me there just might be a story there to be told.

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