Diamond Jubilee Blog Post and Competition

All this about the Diamond Jubilee reminds me of the Silver Jubilee in 1977... The last real time that Britain had a monarch that was on the throne for a good length of time was Queen Victoria who celebrated sixty years on the throne in 1897. She died four years later.

Schools all over the country celebrated and there were one hell of a lot more street parties than I am sure there are today.

The lion and the unicorn as they appear on both versions of the
Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom.
In the Scottish version (shown right) the
two have switched places and both are crowned.
I was a Unicorn in our school play for the Queen's Jubilee. The school put on this pageant and each class had a letter around which to base a story. Our classes letter was, you guessed it... U... There were twenty five unicorns. I don't remember the story line but I do remember the Unicorns.

From Wikipedia: The Lion and the Unicorn are symbols of the United Kingdom. They are, properly speaking, heraldic supporters appearing in the full Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom. The lion stands for England and the unicorn for Scotland. The combination therefore dates back to the 1603 accession of James I of England who was already James VI of Scotland. By extention, they have also used in the Coat of Arms of Canada since 1921.

There was a lot of excitement and picnics in the school. I am sure my Dad must have still been in the RAF at that point. I desperately want to find some photos to show you from then when I was ten and everything was simple.


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My questions for the competition are as follows:

Q9:  What was the cottage called in *The Gallows Tree*? (hint - check out the blurb here)

Q10:  Which Queen celebrated her 60th year on the throne in 1897? (hint - check out the text above!)

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