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A path chosen, a journey taken, a decision made. Jacob Riley, an actor with possession charges hanging over his head and an attitude that the world owes him a living, is facing such a moment.

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A path chosen, a journey taken, a decision made. Jacob Riley, an actor with possession charges hanging over his head and an attitude that the world owes him a living, is facing such a moment.

It is only with the help of others can he ever hope to find his way. Could Mac’s and its enigmatic boss, Ethan Myers, be the ones to give Jacob his defining moment?

Jacob Riley, star of the time traveling TV series End Game, is a typical Hollywood former child star with issues. He has already had prison time and at the age of 26 has been arrested again. He manages to scrape through and avoid more jail time by being placed onto an expedited drugs program. Jacob works his time as a general handyman at an education centre in the run down area of L.A.. A part of the city that is in the middle of regeneration. It is a short sharp shock for the boy-man who had an easy life.

Ethan Myers is the owner and manager of `Mac’s', providing teaching and learning to local low income families. He lost his long term partner to cancer three years ago. His moment in time was to decide not to die with his life partner and instead bury every penny he had and every part of his education into `Mac’s’. He agrees to take on Jacob as `Mac’s’ desperately needs the money, but it isn’t a decision he would have made under normal conditions.

Jacob hates his jailor Ethan; Ethan loses his cool whenever Jacob aims for an easy ride. He has no respect for the lack of substance in his `guest’.

Sparks fly when attraction becomes something they can’t fight and their relationship grows against a background of disenfranchised street gang members, arson, the Oscars, and despite their own prejudices.


Reviews for Moments

Dark Diva's Reviews Moments by RJ Scott is a multi-layered novel of redemption with an engaging cast of characters. Jacob’s recovery is realistic and sometimes painful to read as he realizes he is ultimately responsible for the path his life has taken. Ethan and Jacob take the time to slowly and carefully cultivate their budding relationship, and the passion between them is explosive. RJ Scott delivers a well-developed character driven novel that you don’t want to miss. Rated 4 Delightful Divas by K.B.!

Jessewave Reviews Definitely recommended to those who like angst, Hollywood/fame love stories, and/or rehab or substance abuse issues in their reads. Last, but definitely not least, there was a lot of diversity in the sex between Jacob and Ethan (by that I mean that the sex meant different things each time, not ‘physical’ diversity) and all of it was well-written and served as a catalyst for the story. Enjoy!



"Shit, Sam. March? That's four frigging months."

Jacob Riley, all six-three of pissed-off male, slammed the door to the small conference room behind him and stamped to the window to stare moodily at the bright sunshine-filled day outside. He twisted both hands tight into his short chestnut brown hair in frustration wondering how the fuck this day had just all gone to hell. His lawyers —his fuckingwell paid lawyers— had said they'd get him off, not land him with some lame-ass probation community service crap. Jeez, like he was gonna be taught anything by cleaning streets or dealing with people's trash. Shit.

The TV in the corner was tuned in to some trashy entertainment show, where a very smug presenter was reporting the latest news. Jacob tried to tune it out but it was nigh on impossible— it must have been the tenth time the show had been played in rotation.

The news of the arrest of actor Jacob Riley boosted the audience figures for the half season's finale of End Game to their highest point for eight months. He's been offered a lifeline in a County program of rehab and his spokesperson said he's concentrating on work and on himself. Well, folks, here's hoping this is one recovering addict who actually makes it out alive.

"It's on hiatus," Samantha replied carefully from just inside the door. "I've just got off the phone with HBO and they'll delay your return to ’Game until you're free to come back. Remember, with Christmas on the way, we have some room to maneuver." Jacob spun on his heel. His quiet, calm assistant stood holding a clipboard, a cell phone balanced on top of it.

"Fuck," he summarized. HBO would be stupid to lose him, he was convinced of it.’Game was his show. Jacob's character was pivotal, the star of the whole god-damned show.

"You're lucky you play Zach and that Zach is a drug-taking manic depressive. Otherwise I swear they would have canned you today, no hesitation." Was she trying to make him feel better?

"Sam, do I look like I give a shit?"

"You need—"

"No! I don't need anything or anyone. They push me off the show and they'll see their ratings drop overnight. No one loses Jacob Riley and sees their show survive."

Sam stared at boss in bewilderment, and Jacob could feel resentment building inside him. He was fully aware he was coming across as petulant and childish. But how could Sam or anyone understand what was going through his head? Sam, with her to-do lists and her anal outlook on life, sure as hell couldn't. Who the hell did she think she was? They wouldn't tell his assistant anything. She didn't matter.

"We have four months to get you into a program and complete your work through the community service," she continued, with that patience he detested in every syllable, measuring every word, talking to him as if he were a small child.

"No," Jacob snapped, balling his temper and his dismissal of her into that one word. She stepped away from him to stand against the door.


"No. I'm not cleaning streets, I'm not searching for rubbish or any of the usual crap they put celebrities through to humiliate us!"

"Jacob, it's not meant to be a humiliation. But it is a punishment," Sam said, raising her free hand in an attempt to placate him. Her cell phone slid off the clipboard and tumbled to the floor. Jacob listened, but what she said only served to increase his temper. He could feel the itch of addiction under his skin, and it terrified him. Although he would never admit it, he was out of control and it was eating at the edges of him.

In over a year, he hadn't wanted a hit as badly as he did at this moment. Frustration and anger burst out of him with uncontrolled force. He reared up and crowded her against the door handle, his hand circling her wrist and gripping tightly. "Don't get all sanctimonious on me, Sam, it's not your style," he snarled.

"Jacob, you're hurting me," Sam whimpered, visibly pushing as close to the wood as she could. Her words didn't register, and his grip tightened. "Jacob— please…" she said, tears in her eyes, pain and real fear in her voice. Something in the simple please reached through his anger. He threw Samantha's hand back toward her body, but he didn't move away.

"Don't push me, okay?" he spat. Half closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. It was the first time in their relationship he could see fear in Sam's eyes, and it scared the hell out of him. Was she actually afraid of him? What do I say? How the hell do I…

"Your father," Sam said. "Your father is waiting for you in the next room."

Jacob flipped from menacing back to petulant instantly.

"Great, another thing to make my day." Jake stepped back, watching as Samantha rubbed her wrist and blinked back tears.

"Jacob, he wants to help. He knows of this place you can go for the next—"

"He's the one who got me into this mess, Sam! He freaking turned me in!"

"He's waiting."


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