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It's been a short road, but we're getting into the home stretch now. Just two weeks left to go after my post here on RJ's blog. This has been a really fun and informative journey. I've learned quite a bit about my readers as they have about me. I hope we can both continue to learn more over the remaining weeks. We've had quite a few awesome prizes and lots of great winners! This week's contest is for another $25 gift card to Dreamspinner Press so make sure to keep reading to learn how to win!

Gabriel Romero from His Salvation has agreed to an interview with me today. Previously, he's never done any public appearances so do your best to make him feel welcome. I'll be delving into some of his fondest  memories of his lover Alexander Ryker and the way they met.


Me: Welcome, Gabriel. Thank you for being here today!
Gabriel: *grunts*
Me: Can you tell me a little more about your abilities? I hear you're able to control things with your mind?
Gabriel: *scowls* I am not telepathic. I am able to manipulate molecules by making them denser or spreading them apart.
Me: Alex is telepathic though, right?
Gabriel: Yes.
Me: How did you two meet?
Gabriel: My team and I were sent in to extract Alex and his twin brother Jason. They were being held captive by a known group of rogue Deviants.
Me: Was it love at first sight?
Gabriel: *eyes me dubiously* No. He... got under my skin.
Me: Sounds as if you dislike that he did?
Gabriel: *affection buried in his voice* At first, he was a distraction, a way to get one or more of us killed. Then... it became something else.
Me: What do you remember most about the first time you saw him?
Gabriel: His eyes. They were so green. Cat-like almost.
Me: Have you two talked about having kids?

Gabriel: *chokes* Ah... that's a long way off. We've only been together for a short time and our lives are not exactly child friendly. Working for the ADA leaves little to no room for a kid.
Me:  Is Alex going to begin working with the ADA? Running missions at your side perhaps?
Gabriel: *growls* Over my dead body. It's too dangerous.
Me: I see he's mentioned it.
Gabriel: More than once.
Me: I heard rumor that you believe Vincetti may still be alive? Do you think he's the one holding Bryan captive?
Gabriel: I can't say for sure. Linc has been doing recon to find Bryan since the incident at the compound in Vermont. The rumors are just rumors. Whispers in the dark of a man who is bound to a chair and yet his words carry more force than a weapon.
Me: Now there is an interesting and sexy fellow... Linc. Is he as gorgeous as I've heard?
Gabriel: He's an arrogant ass. *continues begrudgingly* With a sexy ass as part of the package.
Me: And do you think we'll hear more about your relationship with Alex in the coming story?  
Gabriel: If Preston and Hayley have anything to do with it, I'm sure you will. It's not as if they can keep their mouths shut.
Me: I'm afraid we're almost out of time for today, but before we go, Gabriel, can you share with us your favorite memory from His Salvation?
Gabriel: *a slight blush spreads over his cheekbones* The first time we kissed.
Me: Oh? Do tell.
Gabriel: I don't kiss and tell.
Me: *pouts* Aww, but I'm sure the readers would love to hear about it. It would make their day.
Gabriel: I think the readers who've read the book already know about it and those who haven't will once they've read it.
Me: Okay, Gabriel. I think we can get the picture. *grin* Thank you again for being here. I think we've learned some very interesting details here. And of course, next week we'll hear Alex's side of things.
Gabriel: What? Since when--
Me: That's all, folks. Be sure to follow me on my blog for updates to the contests, blog tour, and upcoming releases. http://jrloveless.blogspot.com  or you can like my page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/authorjrloveless. Thank you for stopping by and make sure to check out next week's post for Alex's responses! ;) He's quite the feisty one.


For this week's contest, all you have to do is make a comment of one question you'd like to ask Alex about his relationship with Gabriel, his abilities, or the world of Deviants! How simple is that? :) I look forward to reading your questions and Alex is looking forward to answering them!


In an attempt to atone for his sins and find some solace, ADA Agent Gabriel Romero helps other Deviants in need. But with threats from both sides—Normals and the Deviants who despise them—he finds it harder and harder to outrun his ghosts, especially after a difficult mission to rescue twin brothers held at an enemy compound, where Gabriel meets Alexander Ryker. Gabriel finds his new charge unexpectedly attractive, and that’s a complication he does not want—one he thinks he doesn't deserve.

Despite the frosty reception from the stubborn agent who rescued him, sheltered telepath Alex feels an instant connection through the pain he sees in Gabriel's eyes, and he does everything he can to gain his attention. The realities he must face while mastering his ability are hard, but failing to learn to defend himself is not an option. Soon he'll need his newfound strength to convince Gabriel he deserves to live and love again.

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  1. HHUUMMM A question to Alex...
    Alex when you first thought to have a great time with Gabriel were you hoping for a hairless or hairy balls? Do you enjoy the crinkle of hair around your mouth while...ya know?


    1. OMG, LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Too funny, Cinders! XD

  2. Great interview! =}


  3. Great interview. =}


  4. Alex when did you know you wanted something more along the lines of a relationship with Gabriel.


  5. When did you first realize you had your abilities?


  6. Oh I really want to know about this first kiss, Gabriel got me all curious. How was it Alex?

    achbarrow (at) Gmail (dot) Com

  7. Great interview! But I would ask when did you find out about your abilities & when fid you really find out you were in love with him?

    Deborah H

  8. My question to Alex would be have you learned to block mental attacks yet? Loved the book.


  9. Could Alex explain the concept of Deviants?


  10. Alex, are you developing your abilities so Gabriel can choke on the "missions are too dangerous for you" comment? I would imagine that even if you don't go on missions you will probably have to be able to save his ass if needed.


  11. Alex, who do you think would be the best person to help you in mastering your abilities?


  12. I want to read this book so I can ask good questions! Thank you for the interview.

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  13. Loved the interview!

    Alex, what's the first thing you noticed about Gabriel?


  14. Great interview Gabriel, very informative. Looking forward to hearing what Alex has to say at his interview ;)

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  15. Alex....what are Gabriel's most annoying habits?

    I suspect he's a manly man i.e. the getting gas in bed type, giggles

  16. alex what about gabriel is what made you love him?
    jcanoto@ymail.com jessica canoto

  17. Loved the blurb! Please count me in. Thanks!!!


  18. Sorry. Great interview. Alex..........what are you going to do if Gabriel tries to block you working out in the field?


  19. Alex....what are Gabriel's most annoying habits?


  20. Alex, I don't much about you and Gabriel (that'll be rectified soon), but I'm intrigued by Gabriel's interview. So, my question might be redundant to those who know you better, but: Were you hoping to fall in love? Was it something you've wanted in your life? Would you say the same was true for Gabriel?


    caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com

  21. What's the funniest thing you have done with your abilities?


  22. I love character interviews!!! I am so glad I didn't miss this post like I did a couple weeks ago! My question is: What do you think is Gabriel's best feature?
    OceanAkers @ aol.com

  23. Alex, Do you think Gabriel is listening in on your interview to hear good stuff about himself? :)

  24. Awesome interview!! Loved it!!
    ;) Ehe, thanks so much for the tour/contest. ;A; so sad I miss a few... going to try to keep track of these last ones. lol...


    now my question..:

    Alex, What was your first thought when you saw Gabriel? The moment he walked in and saved you and your brother...
    What was the exact moment in time, the one thing he did or said, that made your heart melt and fall desperately in love with him?

  25. I wanted to reply to everyone individually, but blogger is being difficult! Thank you so much for all of the comments! I really appreciate everyone stopping by to read. :) And I forgot to mention each week I post and you make a comment earns you an entry into the grand prize drawing! So there's LOTS of new entries this week! :D

  26. Tracey Steinbach14 March 2013 at 11:55

    That was awesome! Great interview!

  27. Great interview!!! Since Gabriel choked on this question....
    Do you see yourself and Gabriel with having children???
    If so, How many would you like to have???


  28. For Gabe or Alex: Do you think that everyone is a little bit "deviant" (in either your society's sense of the word, or the traditional one)?

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

  29. Alex, what was you first impression of Gabriel, you know, even if it was wrong what is it that even now you look back and as your first feeling of him?


  30. Being that I haven't read the book yet, Alex, are you planning on disregarding Gabriel's wishes still work for the ADA?

    Great interview! Thanks Gabriel!