Silver Update - walk a mile in MY shoes...

It's only fair that I post this;

I posted on the closed Silver forum that I am happy to back up every word I am saying about how Silver have treated me and other authors. Backing it up with evidence, including emails, bank statements etc....

And last night... I got paid...!


*stops dancing* *works out how much it was*

Less than 7% of what I am owed up to an including October Amazon, 2012 (sighs). But hey ho, you can't expect miracles.

I believe I am now paid up to the middle *ish* of May 2012.

An additional and very important note:

In addition I need to make things VERY clear... please feel free to buy as many Silver books as you want, but if you are a RJ Scott reader, please don't buy mine from them. Simply because I will not see a penny from them until at least 2014, possibly 2015. (If Silver are still going by then!).

I don't represent all Silver authors and I never said I did. Some authors are still staying loyal to Silver. There are many stories out there from the different authors. However, some of their stories start with *Last week Silver paid me 7% (see note below)..." mine starts with *I had to go public to see 7%". 

(EDIT - this should have read 20%, the authors that were paid received 20% not 7%. I received around the same of what Silver owed me from May-July 2012, the 7% is calculated on what they owe me in total up to the end of October 2012)

You, my readers are all adults and consistently wonderful supportive people.  You can make up their own minds about this whole thing. You are the reason I write, you put the heart in my books. I have pulled up my big girl panties and looked for another publisher, I have self published, I will do anything so that I can afford to pay my bills and to be sure I can keep writing. I am so lucky to be in a position where my wonderful readers follow me and where other publishers are happy to take a chance on me. You do know I love you all ... right?

There are so many wonderful new writers that have been pulled in to Silver. To those I offer my support and will help them in any way I can. To them I say: Please email me if you have any questions or if you want to appear on my blog.


  1. You have my wholehearted support, hun. And I don't blame you for doing what you need to do. It's your life, your children's lives, and your husband's lives that need to be thought of before X number of authors who believe Silver is still trying to get itself back off the ground in an honest way. I've been pretty low key, not saying much, but I have observed from what others have shared of their experiences, and what I have experienced in the few times I've tried to get an answer on my own stuff and you have every single right in the world to get what you're due. I still recommend (and YES I SAY THIS PUBLICLY) that you band up with another (she who shall remain unnamed in case she doesn't want me to say it) author and go after him with a lawyer. Seriously. His plan to pay everyone back would be a wonderful thing, IF he was adhering to it, which he is not. And his hemming, hawing, and lack of responses to emails or shitty responses to emails clearly indicate that he's still blowing smoke up everyone's asses and hoping the 'cloak and dagger' b.s. he's pulling will keep him going long enough to pull his fat out of the fire.

    Get a lawyer. Don't let it go on any longer.

    1. Hey you... thank you for the awesome support. You know what we have been going through behind the scenes... and I agree with ever word you posted... :)


  2. Yes i am an adult but i buy a book from an author i adore i want said author to get the dang money that is owed them. No more Silver pub for me.


    1. Hey Cinders... Thank you hun, so much... X