The Christmas Throwaway - Paperback Cover Art

Day 4, or day 5, I lost count, without writing. *twitch*.

I edited yesterday. I've worked on getting three of my books into paperback. I've managed to book a place at GRL. But no writing. *It hurts*. Doctor or no doctor, I really think today I will do a couple of sprints. I have The Guilty Werewolf to finish for eXtasy, and then The Doctor And The Bad Boy for TEB.

I have The Heart Of Texas paperback cover to show you later, but first here is the gorgeous cover art for The Christmas Throwaway in paperback... Coming soon to Amazon and CreateSpace. Designed by BitterGrace Art it is a stunning cover for possibly my biggest selling book (not biggest grossing book, that is Heart Of Texas!). Did you know Christmas Throwaway peaks in sales in December but actually sells all year? *Hugs my little book that could*

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