The Guilty Werewolf out in two days...

Declan Finlay is the best Retriever that Glitnir has.

Well, he is now that Connor Strand has gone rogue.

He is sent to find Connor - the guilty werewolf. But he doubts that his best friend could ever be guilty and he resolves to track him down and find out why he ran with the renegade vampire.

When the Fae Alliance, reporting to Glitnir, demand that he not go alone he is forced to accept the Incubus, Levi Tiernan, an assassin, as his companion on the journey. If Declan doesn't kill Connor, then Levi will.

What happens when old lust and love dictate action and suddenly Declan is questioning everything he loves.

Coming 1 April from eXtasy books


  1. Hello,

    I look forward to this book. I greatly enjoyed the first book in the series.

    I noticed that the next book in the Sanctuary series is due out soon but there is no actual date, from what I can find. Do you know when it might be out? I love the Sanctuary series. Also, where will it be available?

    Thank you!

    1. Hiya... Sanctuary 7 is on the backburner for a while... I am gutted about it but things conspired to add to stress...

      It will be available everywhere when it does come out... HUGS XXXXX

  2. I loved the first book and I'm looking forward to this one :)
    Thank you :)