Competition Winner

And the winner of the first competition I'm emailing them now!

They win $15 of Amazon vouchers and three signed cards.

I will be running regular competitions to win signed postcards of cover art... watch this space!

I am also looking into *selling* my signature and covering postage so that I can send cards out to all the people that asked... so the cards would be FREE and there would be a small charge to cover signing and postage... how does that sound? Any comments welcome... :)


  1. Yay! congrats to the winner. I'm happy for you and will anxiously await the next competition. I'd gladly pay a small charge for your signature and postage. Why should you have to pay it, you're generous enough with the cards.

  2. *Sobs*, yeah well congratulations to the winner;)
    As I´ve mentioned earlier, I would love to buy your postcards, so I would pay for postage and signing. People pay a lot of money for Jared and Jensens name, why not you;)?

  3. You could always have people send a self address envelope with postage on it for what they want.