Author Interview - N. Wood

What inspires you?
Pretty much anything fills me with inspiration for a new story. I could be driving along and the lyrics of a song give me a full story idea. Or I could be sitting on the beach with my dogs and something completely un-beach related will pop into my mind. I once gained a story idea on a night I was driving in the dark and ran over a wild rabbit - that book will be published next year LOL.

Favourite position in your books you've always wanted to try?
*Nips lip* Hope my mom doesn't read this, but I once wrote two of my characters getting it on on the back of a motorbike. That

How do you manage to come up with such detailed backgrounds, not just the characters, but the worlds too?

With my more recent books, I base them around where I live in Cornwall, UK. I've been to all the beaches I mention in my work, the towns and the one city also, (since Cornwall only has one city). Even if my character is driving down a road that I drive regularly, I detail what's around and where the road bends, that kind of thing to make it all perfect.



When it comes to the summer holidays, fireman Lance McCarthy can think of only one place he wants to spend his time away from work. Compared to the miserable city of Glasgow, a week on the third largest of the sunny Balearic Islands sounds like paradise.

However, when he chose Ibiza as his destination, he didn't expect to bump into Malachy Walsh; an Irish man dressed in blue striped pyjamas.

La Cala is an erotic short story that may well bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.


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