RJ Scott - Dealing with reviews

Before you read this, I must say something. I am the luckiest author in that people review my new releases. I don't have to ask for reviews and for that I am eternally grateful.

There is some discussion as to the etiquette as to how to deal with reviews. Becky over at Mrs Condit reviews pointed out that when they post reviews as authors we should share those reviews. She's right, we do need to share them. Unless I am having a bad day/week/month I attempt to retweet, repost, and add reviews to my book pages.

Is this your first review? Go pimp that sucker EVERYWHERE! Thank the reviewer, thank the publisher, thank your Gran. Show how happy you are because your enthusiasm will be infectious.

Is this your fifth review on the same book? *repeat enthusiasm from the first, second, third and fourth review*

Is this your hundredth review? Ditto

I worry that when I share a review it seems like I am forcing them down reader's throats. I'm British and we don't do well at the whole *THIS IS ME I AM FAB* kind of thing. Although I'm not doing too bad at it!

I love the reviews and i am sharing the love. I love every single review I receive - even the negative ones. I try and learn from what is said, or what I can read between the lines. I've learnt that whilst I know my guys have a HEA, that the actual words to convince readers of this aren't actually in the book. I've learnt when and where to use tropes and how sparingly they should be used. I have learnt to show and not tell. I have learnt about needed editing. It's endless how much reviews have helped me as an author. And I don't just mean review groups like the ones I have images of on this page - I mean the friends who read and comment, and the lovely reviews I get on Goodreads (to balance the 1s!)

So for every reviewer who takes the time to read an RJ Scott book, and then spends ages writing an informed and helpful review, I thank you. All of you. Smooches.

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  1. I hope you liked the review i did of "Back Home" on the blog of sid love :)

  2. I try to do this because I do want to acknowledge that the reviewer took the time to read and write out a review. This was hard with my most recent release Dangerous Submission because I was going through surgery and a family illness at the time. I feel like I'm still catching up.

    My only problem a couple of reviewers have ranted at me that I shouldn't interact with them at all. It colors their opinion of my books and I shouldn't do that. I approach with caution now and I'm friends with a few reviewers even.

    I don't post all my reviews on my webpage. There are just too many. I just try to acknowledge them and thank the reviewer.