Mrs Condit Author of December 2013 - Finalist

I have been nominated for the Author of the month award over at Mrs Condit & Friends and I found out today that I made the final... *dances*

I am so pleased to be on the list with some awesome names, even more so when this award is reader voted.

Thanks guys for putting me through to the final. Go see and vote for whoever your favourite is...

  • Rj Scott for "Texas Heat", "The Heart of Texas", and "Texas Christmas"
  • The Pulp Friction crew: Havan Fellows, Lee Brazil, Laura Harner, Tom Webb for Odd Man Out.
  • Rhys Ford for Fish and Ghosts.
  • Andrew Grey for "A Lion in Tails"
  • B.g. Thomas for "Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf"
  • Shira Anthony for "Encore"
  • Richard Natale for "The Muscle House"
  • Sandrine Gasq Dion for "A Marked Man"
  • Posy Roberts for "Fusion"
  • Josh Lanyon for "Kickstart"
Edited to show it is 2013 NOT 2012... thanks Jens for pointing that out... ROFL... :)