Stock of paperbacks with old ex-silver cover art

Not sure what I am doing with these as yet... but if you have an interest in any of these books then please email me and I can add you to a list...

I'll probably be selling them signed including postage and packing... I'll see the interest and look at pricing them fairly, or I may auction them on ebay with a percentage of the proceeds going to a GLBTQ charity (Matthew Shephard, or one local to me in the UK).


Book Title

Quantity in stock
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Guarding Morgan (book 1) Sanctuary 2 Guarding Morgan
The Only Easy Day (book 2) Sanctuary 2 The Only Easy Day
Face Value (book 3) Sanctuary 3 Face Value
Still Waters (book 4) Sanctuary 1 Still Waters
Full Circle (book 5) Sanctuary 2 Full Circle
The Heart Of Texas (book 1) Texas 3 The Heart of Texas
Texas Winter (book 2) Texas 3 Texas Winter
3 Moments
Never Say Never **
2 Never Say Never
One Night
1 One Night
Shattered Secrets (book 1) Wolf  2 Shattered Secrets
Back Home 1 Back Home
All The Kings Men) 1 All The Kings Men
Broken Memories (book 2) Wolf  2 Broken Memories
The Christmas Throwaway
2 The Christmas Throwaway
The Gallows Tree
1 The Gallows Tree
Fitzwarren Trilogy (Chris Quinton, RJ Scott, Sue Brown)
1 The Fitzwarren Inheritance

**(Anthology) Shae Connor, Xavier Axelson, R.J. Scott, B.G. Thomas

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