Results of the Novel Openings Poll & Competition Winner

Much to my surprise, Guarding Morgan beat out The Christmas Throwaway to grab 42% of the vote. This is a very interesting result as normally TCT wins every poll I ever make.

So on the Novel Openings panel I will be using Guarding Morgan as my excerpt.

Thank you all for getting involved.


The winner of the random draw is: Congratulations! I will be emailing you for your choice of signed book soon. :)

I will let you know how the panel works out and what conclusions are reached.

* * * * *

As a reminder, here is the opening passage of Guarding Morgan:

Guarding Morgan (147 words)

"Twenty, one sixty-six, Altamont, western, black cat, lemon pie…" The words were on repeat in Morgan Drake's head, over and over, in case he forgot. His FBI shadow had drummed the words into him until he could repeat them in his sleep.

"Just in case, Morgan, okay? If there's any problem, you take these keys and the car I showed you in the next door basement parking, and you take Highway Twenty West onto the 166, head for Altamont, Western Street, find a bookshop called Black Cat Books. Someone will locate you there, and he'll have a password, okay? Lemon Pie. He's a guy I trust with my life, and his name is Nik. I'm writing his cell number on this paper. You need to memorize it in case I can't contact him. Can you repeat… twenty, one sixty-six, Altamont, western, black cat, lemon pie. After me…"


  1. 100 words? OMG I thought it was 150! Your 100 words are terrific.

    1. Oh bugger... is it 150? Goes to see....

    2. OMG IT IS 150... ROFL... *adds

    3. I can't get at my email to check but I'm pretty sure it's 150. I hope to goodness it is because the first 100 words of my excerpt are dead boring.

    4. Quoting from Charlie's email:

      First batch come up to table (Elin, Liam, Anna, Belinda, Rebecca, RJ). In turn, I introduce you, then you read 150 words from the start of one of your novels/short stories.

      Seriously, thank you Elin... :)