GRL Book signing and ordering

Complete change of direction from me

After some thought I won't be selling any books at GRL on my table at the signing...

I'm not at GRL to make money - hell, all I want to do is see people and meet fans and friends.

And let's face it I would have to sell a shit ton of books to cover £2000 in flights and hotel fees... rofl!

Instead I will offer:

Pre-ordering and pre-paying on special requests through the ordering form below
A selection of free books **

In Summary:

I will be bringing around 100 printed books that I will give away free - first come first served at the signing table. 50 copies of Deefur Dog & 50 copies of The Decisions We Make...

At my signing table there will also be postcards that I will be happy to sign. These postcards will be for most of my covers... :)

I will also love to sign any books you have bought yourselves... I'm guessing I'll be able to give you a *free* sticker or something so you can get out of the signing hall without paying for them again... ROFL.


I know some people want specific books from me (as evidenced by the people who have pre-ordered The Heart Of Texas etc). I will still be offering this but given the fact I need time to organise I will be closing the pre-ordering 24 August. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.

The pre-order form is below.

* * * * *

** If you pre-order Deefur ot Decisions along with other books then you won't be charged. Please don't just order Deefur or Decisions as these are my *free* books.

* * * * *

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