MM Goodreads Group Nominations

Because it's release day for Texas Fall and because I am buzzed and hyper I can not concentrate on writing... so... I thought I would pop over to the MM Goodreads group to find out what I am nominated for and also to proudly display my badges...

I've been nominated six times which is kind of cool... :)  There are nods for Texas, inc one for Jack and Riley, and also for A Reason to Stay and Oracle. Thank you to the people who nominated me. I don't spend much time over on Goodreads, and I really probably should. :)

And the nominations are...

Favorite All-Time M/M Author - Any M/M Romance Author from any genre, any theme and any publishing date. They are not required to have published a book this year. 
R.J. Scott - Topic link

Best Established Couples - Story revolves around the relationship of a couple that have already established their relationship.
Jack & Riley - Texas Christmas by R.J. Scott - Topic link

Favorite All-Time M/M Series - Any M/M Romance series from any genre, any theme and any publishing date either past or present. 
Texas Series R.J. Scott - Topic link

Favorite All-Time M/M Romance- Any M/M Romance from any genre, any theme and any publishing date either past or present.
Oracle by R.J. Scott - Oracle

Best White Collar - One or both MC's currently work a job that is predominately considered a profession such as lawyer, accountant, business owner, architect, engineer, etc...
Crooked Tree Ranch by R.J. Scott - Topic link

Best Military (Soldier/Armed Forces) - One or both MC's are active duty military. Intelligence Officers, Spies, Assassins or Mercenaries should be nominated in the Best Spies category.
A Reason To Stay by R.J. Scott - Topic Link