Seven facts about my writing life you may not know.

I got tagged by Jay Northcote over in Facebook land in the meme: Seven facts about my writing life you may not know.Thought I would share it here also:
  1. I have loved writing since I was small. I used to write stories long hand but the idea of writing a novel was like this big thing that I never thought I would do. I started my writing career penning over a million words in the J2 (Jared/Jensen AU, SPN) and the advent on Internet and Kindle allowed me to attempt writing a novel.
  2. I used to be a web designer which was a good creative outlet, but I was all about trying to get clients make their website a center of excellence for whatever area they were in. Adding articles, and links, reviews, etc, and no one ever listened to me! ROFL.
  3. I wrote my first fan fiction story in 2008, and my first original novel in 2010 (Oracle). Soon after I wrote The Heart of Texas, and The Christmas Throwaway.
  4. I get a natural high when I write but the fact I get so intensely involved means I suffer from *secretary’s shoulder* where my posture is crap and I end up in pain, hence why I see a chiropractor every two weeks.
  5. My self esteem and confidence in my abilities are pretty much the same as a lot of authors out there – fragile. After five years though I have developed a shell I can shut to protect myself and my feelings. Still, sometimes the shell doesn’t close fast enough…
  6. I like to write three to five thousand words a day, five days a week, but sometimes this can be spotty. I generally write forty thousand words in a month. My weekends are spent on blog posts, marketing bits and pieces and so on. I generally spend at least an hour a day on things related to marketing of some kind, be it direct or indirect.
  7. I am a full time writer and I am thankful for that every day. I love my job. I love my readers. I love reviews. But most of all, I love writing two men who fall in love and find their happy ever after.

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